Clarification: Homosexual Activist Dan Savage’s Three-Way Sex Partners Were Not Strangers

Homosexual “monogamish” adoptive parents knew the third guy in each sex romp; question remains: were special babysitting arrangements made for “the kid”?

By Peter LaBarbera

When it comes to corrections, this one is “So Gay”! – which is to say, you couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried: Dan (“Saliva Terrorist”) Savage, homosexual activist, cyber-slanderer extraordinaire and big-city sex advice columnist, caught me in a technicality in AFTAH’s piece a few weeks back about his extended and fawning interview with the Chicago public TV station WTTW’s program “Chicago Tonight.” I was mistaken: Savage and his homosexual partner (“husband”) Terry did not have two “three-way” sex encounters with “strange” men, as I had written — but rather each time with a guy whom they knew

Savage, a leading homosexual adoption advocate and the author of “The Kid: What Happened after My Boyfriend and I Decided to Get Pregnant,” writes on his blog:

Correcting the Record

My husband and I have never had a threeway with a “stranger,” Porno Pete [smear term for Peter LaBarbera]. But if you prefer to picture the two of us getting with hot, sweaty, well-hung strangers when you’re drafting a post/rubbing one out/living vicariously though us, go for it.

As for my marriage—my monogamish marriage—it’s lasted twice as long as Ronald Reagan’s first marriage, longer than all but one of Newt Gingrich’s three marriages (and soon it will have lasted longer than all three of Newt’s marriages), and much, much longer than any one of Rush Limbaugh’s four marriages.

So forgive me, Porno Pete, but I kinda maybe think the two of us—me and the husband, still crazy in love after all these years—just might be doing something right.

Now, leaving aside Savage’s petty, “gay”-boilerplate insults against yours truly (I’m a secret homosexual pervert because I fight the “Gay” Lobby) and his feeble attempt at justification by comparison to Newt and Rush, Dan is correct. I carelessly did not report the acknowledged facts of Savage’s and his male lover’s sex romps found in AFTAH’s own post on Savage’s self-reported “three-ways.” Here is what we reported, relaying Dan’s original account in, “What does marriage mean?” [relevant portions about Dan’s outside sex partners in blue]:

She demanded the details [of his three-ways], but I would only give her a basic outline. One was a nice French guy who looked like Tom Cruise. The other was with an ex-boyfriend of mine, a Microsoft millionaire who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building a “playroom” in his basement — a kind of sex toy wonderland. Terry wanted to see this playroom for himself and so we went over for dinner… and one thing led to another…

We emphasized that we regarded three-ways the same way Bill Clinton regarded abortion: They’re best when they’re safe, legal and rare. Really rare. Two in 10 years? We get to vote for president more often than we have three-ways.

OK, so Savage and his homosexual “hubby” knew the third wheel in each of their libidinous nights out. But questions remain: who babysat their “kid” during the outside sex? In ‘Homosexual-Daddies’-Three-Way-Adventure’ #1, did the “gay” duo plan on the multi-partner tryst in advance – and budget extra baby-sitting time accordingly — or did it just “happen,” like the second encounter? (“Sally, we’ll be home at 10:00 or maybe 1:00 in the morning, depending upon whether our host is feeling horny.”)

Seriously, what’s telling about Savage’s multi-partner Tryst-and-Tell is that this supposed serious advocate of homosexual parenting felt the need to inform the world of his sexual excesses — despite knowing that one day his adopted son would find out. Is that part of the new “gay parenting” ethos — the kiddos must accommodate themselves (in later life) to the “out and proud” sexual antics of their “daddies”? How typical is Savage’s brand of “monogamish” parenting in the male homosexuals-with-children world? Having said that, I realize that many homosexuals would recoil just like me at Savage’s recklessness and selfishness. 

Here’s something I will never have to clarify: Savage and his homosexual lover should not be parents. They chose to embrace a barren homosexual lifestyle — with its attendant perversions, such as three-way romps with homosexual acquaintances (NOT strangers!), etc. They didn’t need to bring a “kid” into it. If all legalized “civil unions” and “same-sex marriage” did was make it easier for homosexual couples and radical activists like Savage to adopt children, that alone would be enough to qualify this particular LGBT agenda goal as wrong and misguided public policy.

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