An Amazing Testimony – How God Transformed the Life of a Drag Queen ‘Star,’ Trace McNutt

Trace McNutt before Christ: South Florida "drag" star "Coma."

On this, the homosexual activist “Day of Silence” in schools, we cannot remain silent about how God continues to help people out of the homosexual lifestyle — in this case, a former “drag queen” whose stage name was “Coma,” but whose actual name is Trace McNutt. Please take the time to watch all 11 short YouTube segments, and pass them on to your friends and family (especially those who have never seen an ex-homosexual testimony).

Here is the actual YouTube link to the 11-part testimony, which is available on a DVD titled, “God’s Relentless Pursuit of a FREAK, Drug-addicted Demonic Drag Queen” : [from there you can link to all 11 videos]. And here is Trace’s Facebook page: His e-mail is Praise God and the Lord Jesus Christ that He continues to work miracles in the lives of sinners — “gay,” straight, and in-between! — Peter LaBarbera,

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