AFTAH Writer Is Grossed Out by ‘International Mr. Leather’ Perversion-fest Hosted by Hyatt Regency Chicago

WARNING: Highly Offensive and Graphic Images and Subject Matter

Perverts Take Over Hotel: Hyatt Regency Chicago sign alerts public to "private event" occupying the hotel. The "private event" is International Mr. Leather, one of the most bizarrely obscene, homosexual perversion celebrations on the planet.

Folks, to people who proudly practice homosexuality (sin), this is “Gay Pride Month.” But there doesn’t seem to be much to be “proud” of in this account of the vendor area at “International Mr. Leather,” Chicago’s annual, mostly homosexual sadistic-sex celebration. AFTAH writer and experienced pro-family activist Lynn Thomas had a hard time reporting on this awful spectacle because, well, she is normal. The sheer perverseness of homosexual sadomasochism (including “consensual” “master-slave relationships”) – embraced and celebrated as the “leather community” under the LGBT umbrella – makes it difficult to expose.

The country talks about the “Heartland” and “Midwestern values,” but the reality is that Chicago has become one of the most perverted cities in the world. Of course, this is due in part to it being one of the most homosexual-friendly cities in the world. Chicago even has its very own Perversion Museum, our name for the truly bizarre Leather Archives & Museum (LA&M) — which carefully documents the sadomasochistic deviancies of mostly homosexual “leathermen,” and some hetero and lesbian perverts. (See below the twisted painting from the LA&M, which is housed in a nondescript building in the city’s Rogers Park neighborhood on the north side.)

This “Leather Museum,” and the welcoming home that the Windy City has become to proud sexual deviants of various stripes, speaks volumes about the slippery-slope of tolerance toward  abetting evil; the organizing power of a sin movement; but most importantly of America’s staggering, post-Christian moral decline. – Peter LaBarbera,

TAKE ACTION: Tell the Hyatt Regency Chicago [312-565-1234; hit “0” and ask for the Executive Offices] that it is wrong and un-hygienic to profit off perversion-fests like IML – no matter how much the Hyatt was paid by IML organizers for this revolting event (see photos). We don’t know what kinds of special chemicals are required for the clean-up after the orgies and sodomies committed in spades at “International Mr. Leather.” (And pity the poor maids.) But would you want to sleep in the same bed where a homosexual orgy – or drunken, orgiastic encounter between two “leathermen” — took place – with body fluids and feces flying here and there? Neither would we. Call the Hyatt at: 312-565-1234; hit “0” and ask for the Executive Offices.

AFTAH Writer Is Grossed Out by International Mr. Leather Perversion-Fest Held at Hyatt Regency Chicago

Hyatt Regency Chicago

By Lynn Thomas, Special to Americans For Truth

CHICAGO — Walking to the front of the building, there was nothing noticeable on the outside that I could see that identified the fact that Mr. International Leather was being held at the Hyatt Regency. Other than men dressed in leather boots or leather pants who gathered at the front of the building hugging each other with their luggage, ready to catch a cab, and the fact that few females were visible walking the grounds, it could have been a convention of any type. Except there was a flagrant homosexual theme if you sized up the men: some were holding hands; some were cuddling or kissing. Coming in through the front door, this sign warned that the entire hotel was reserved for a “private event.” 

There were a lot of ‘sentries’ at the top of escalators, and traveling down one level there was a ‘desk’ by the escalator, where a number of flamboyantly dressed men were gathered and making small talk.  They told me to go downstairs to ‘register’ and pay my $5.00 for admission.  When I got downstairs, they told me to go upstairs, I wound up by with that same group of men, and so one of them escorted me personally to where I needed to go. I was met with sneers along the way as though they knew I didn’t belong there. I tried to play up the illusion that I am ‘pro gay.’ I stood in line, took out my ID, which I had to show when I paid. There were a number of circular tables in between where you paid and showed your ID and where you got your wrist band put on.  At the tables everyone had to take their waiver form and fill it out and sign it. With that filled out and in hand, people travelled down a line toward the booths to receive the wristband that would allow you to come in and out of the vendors’ area. While in that line, they checked IDs again.  Then we reached the last area where we had our wristbands fastened to our wrists, and showed ID’s one last time.

From there it was another escalator ride down to the basement level. The basement was dark, and there were double doors to enter the vendor area. 

Going into the “leather market” was an experience. I started at the back of the room, with the intention of weaving my way through the aisles, so as not to miss anything and see all of the vendors. But I was inundated with images of rough men doing rough things to one another, and paraphernalia on sale for people to do rough and obscene things to one another. There were whips and chains and straps to tie people down; dildos [fake penises] in the size and shape if animal species’ erect penises. They were labeled baby elephant, donkey, horse…and the thought of where those things would go and what would be done with them, made me nauseous.

Earlier in the day, I went to, where I read a description from someone about “International Mr. Leather at Hyatt Regency Hotel Chicago”: 

The exhibits in the host hotel are for examination or purchase of just about any and every type of leather, bondage, or fetish gear you can imagine.  Many are small distributors (or designers) alongside major national and international labels.  From cock rings and handkerchiefs, to electro shock and stimulators, to rubber cat-suits and body armor: it can be found there and purchased with credit cards.  As an added bonus, most major adult studios have booths for their stars to take photos with fans and sell the latest DVDs and give away free promotional material.”

I didn’t get too far through the vendor displays — with leather-clad men gathered in clumps turning to look at me — before I had a panic attack and needed to exit the building. The sadistic-sex “market” was in the basement, the carpet was dark, and the vendors’ wares were horrific.

Twisted painting advertised by the Chicago "Leather Archives & Museum" at IML. We've covered up the genitalia here.

I exited the market a few times to go back to my car and take a breather and settle my nerves somewhat. I had intended on taking pictures of the attendees like I did at last year’s outdoor Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, where the attendees were happily snapping their little cameras to capture their own personal photos of Folsom. Mr. Leather didn’t have any snap-happy people; I didn’t see a single person with a camera or shooting photographs.

Leather, and sadomasochism, was everywhere, and far more serious than what I saw at Folsom in San Francisco. There were medical devices for such things as inserting saline solution into a man’s scrotum to expand it. I took a picture of a man who had done that at Folsom; the paraphernalia including syringe was available at Mr. Leather. There also was paraphernalia for ‘cutting’ (skin) which, like other forms of torture, has erotic value to Mr. Leather fans. The “cutting” paraphernalia was in the same booth as the device with the needle to insert the saline solution into the scrotum to blow it up like a balloon.  I asked the vendor how exactly that was done, and he pointed out someone who had experience with it.  He said it ‘feels good’ and it takes a few days for the saline to get absorbed back into the system.

I saw a small Asian man who was in handcuffs–the same man I saw in San Francisco at Folsom, only this time he was wearing a little mesh skirt that you could see through.  He was completely naked underneath, and you could see his penis.

Another mam I encountered had a long dark dong hanging down that I was trying not to look at, and what he had to offer is a foreskin that would increase a man’s penis size. For some reason he thought I would appreciate it, and gave me some information about the prooduct; it was disgusting in its detailed description.

An activist explains more about the hosting hotels for IML [Edtior’s Note: we do not know if the Hyatt Regency allowed non-IML guests to stay in the hotel; however, this phenomenon of surprised outsiders accidentally stumbling upon IML and other homosexual events has been observed often through the years]:

The host hotel has changed through the years. That is where most of the action happens, so if you have a chance to go, book your room early. It fills up fast. Keep in mind that most of the entire hotel will be full, but not ALL of the rooms will be used for IML activities, so you may see some bewildered, amused or frightened MidWesterners in the hotel too, clutching tightly to their children.

He is right–there were masks, dog masks, and medieval-looking shackles on the vendors’ tables, men with kilts walking about, men wearing tight leather pants, and quite a few were shirtless with harnesses of some type on their torsos. I found out in the Mr. Leather brochure what that harness is all about when it showed a picture of two porn stars that were going to do a ‘show’ at the booth for Steamworks, a local “gay” bathhouse where men go for anonymous sodomitic hook-ups.

At the head of one of the escalator was a man wearing a dog mask, although I didn’t see anyone in a dog cage like I saw at Folsom San Francisco. They usually wear collars that are attached to leashes, and the ones playing the dogs are on hands and knees; sometimes they bark. I saw this also at Folsom in San Francisco, but the man with the dog mask at the escalator was just sitting on a chair checking for wristbands, giving a thumbs up to passersby who wore their wristband, an indication you could proceed down to the next level to get to the market.

I had the feeling of heavy security at this event. And understandably so, considering the extreme subject matter.

This image is from the website of "Fort Troff," one of the vendors at International Mr. Leather. This Atlanta-based company sells "Pig Sex Gear" for homosexual orgies. Shame on hotels like the Hyatt Regency Chicago for profiting off the celebration of such perversion.

There was a contraption for tying someone down to a bed, and the explanation card said the d-rings could be hidden when not in use, apparently a selling point for the device. There was a video of a man tied up in a harness, face down, breathing heavily, his buttocks bright red, with a man sitting or standing while masturbating next to the table. The standing, masturbating man whipped the man who was tied down with what looked like a riding crop.  Eventually the masturbating man ejaculated all over the tied up man’s back, and then threw himself on top of him.  If I’m not mistaken, he literally bit the tied up man, and then the camera fades.

The most shocking thing I saw at this event was a video of a thin, naked and pale white man hanging from the ceiling in handcuffs. His legs were drawn upward toward his chest, and he was literally swinging from side to side from the force of another man shoving his arm into the hanging man’s rectum, all the way up to his elbow. (This is known as “fisting,” another homosexual perversion.) He pulled it out and shoved it in again, and that was all I could stomach watching before I felt the urgent need to leave the event permanently.

Booth after booth of sadomasochistic sickness was too much for me to take, and because of the stares I was getting from groups of men, I was literally afraid to take photographs. Deviance was the “norm” at IML: I went out into the hallway, and saw a woman getting whipped by her female partner – with the one receiving the whipping yelling and swearing. There were other people gathered around, evaluating the riding crop-looking thing that was being used as the whipping device. It had some kind of tip on the end of it to inflict pain.

I picked up a card showing a miniature version of an oil painting called “Statue-tory Rape, by the artist Pierre Etienne [see covered-up photo]. The actual painting is on display at the Leather Archives & Museum (a sponsor of IML). I picked up another card titled, “Leather Archives & Museum Presents: Multi Media History – The Leather SINS Screening Room.”

With so much evidence in my face of the twisted behaviors these people engage in, and remembering how horrific the homosexual activists were to the pro-family attendees at the recent “Defend Marriage Rally” in downtown Chicago, I packed it in and went home after two hours without taking a single picture of any of the vendors’ tables.

But though my camera was empty, I went home with lots of vividly disturbing mental images that I am still having trouble flushing from my mind.


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