LISTEN: Interview with New AFTAH Board Member John McCartney

New AFTAH Bd. Member John McCartney standing last year outside Lyons Township High School in the Chicago suburbs, where he led a pro-family informational effort providing students with facts about homosexual activism that most had never heard.

This is Part One of Peter LaBarbera’s interview with John McCartney, AFTAH’s newest Board Member [Click HERE to listen]. It was pre-recorded and aired on WYLL AM-1160 in Chicagoland Dec. 31, 2011. McCartney is a retired English teacher who has lived in Chicago for almost 50 years. He discusses the media’s pro-“gay” bias and how one-sided journalism enables pro-homosexual propaganda to go unchallenged. For years, McCartney has sought to break through the media’s and academia’s pro-homosexual information blockade by reaching high school and college students directly with facts and truth about the homosexual lifestyle and LGBT activism. He says the reason so many people buy into homosexualist propaganda (e.g., the “born that way” myth) is that they simply have not been exposed to facts about homosexuality that would give them a more balanced perspective. You can listen to AFTAH’s previous interview last year with McCartney and Wayne Lela HERE.

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12-31-11, John McCartney

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