The New ‘Gay’ Marines

Homosexual activists have reacted furiously to AFTAH's blocking of this widely-reported photo of a "gay Marine's" perverted homecoming kiss. Note the little boy standing nearby, circled at right. Click on photo to enlarge.

By Mary Anne Kreitzer, for her Les Femmes blog

Article cited: WorldNetDaily: “Marines ‘Starting to Look Ridiculous'”

Original AFTAH article: “Homosexual Marine Kisses ‘Gay’ Male Lover at Family Homecoming Celebration”

[WND piece:] “Marines ‘starting to look ridiculous'”…Ya think? I happen to have friends with a son-in-law stationed in Hawaii. He and his wife were present at this event so I heard about it several days before seeing the photo. My friend told us the bus came into the hangar with the door away from the families. The soldiers debarked and the families began chanting, “Move that bus! Move that bus!” When the bus moved the soldiers and their families ran over to welcome each other. My friend’s daughter described the clinch. The gay soldier and his homosexual partner ran to each other and the soldier leaped into the other man’s arms straddling him with his legs as is clearly shown in the photo. Soldiers are supposed to refrain from PDA (public display of affection) while in uniform, but at homecomings there is some leniency. (A little too much in this case.)

Interesting that my friend said her daughter described the rather restrained welcomes of the normal families. (In other words no full body hugs pressing private parts together.) Keep in mind there were lots of children present. But as the World Net Daily article points out, no one can say one word against this privileged behavior. After all, it’s a new “gay” military world. Let the sodomy in the barracks begin.

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