Why We Expose Dan Savage

Logo from Dan Savage’s hate-site targeting Rick Santorum.

I am in North Carolina to give a speech tomorrow evening in Raleigh at a banquet for the NC Family Policy Council, a fine organization that defends marriage and family in this beautiful state.  Thanks to the Republicans taking control of the NC legislature, on May 8th, North Carolina’s voters will finally get an opportunity to affirm real marriage (one man, one woman) at the ballot box.  I predict they will do so, but the “Gay”  Lobby — intent on pushing for sodomy-based “marriage” — is raising tons of money to defeat the amendment.  So please help by contacting your North Carolina friends and family members!

Here is a link to another release in our ongoing campaign to expose one of the most dangerous and hateful Sex Radicals on the planet: Dan Savage.  You may ask: why can’t you let go of Dan Savage already?!  Because Savage is the personification of all that’s wrong with the Homosexual Lobby:
    1. Savage is probably the leading activist today working to normalize homosexuality to children and young people — one of the most evil things any person can do (because sexual sin is destructive and our Creator calls homosexual behavior “detestable”).  Jesus hates the corruption of youth: “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him it a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” (Mark 9:42).  Now Savage has his own show on MTV (“Savage U,” beginning April 3), which could become another huge platform to degrade kids’ morals.  [TAKE ACTION: Go HERE to contact Viacom Inc. (MTV’s parent company).  Also, don’t let up on Elmhurst College (Savage speaks there April 29) and UNC-Chapel Hill (contact info for both HERE)];
    2. Savage avidly promotes radical homosexual patterns of immorality — like “outside” sex — to “straight” married couples.  You would expect this from perversion defenders, but he takes it to new extremes, aggressively touting adulterous “monogamish” relationships that mock the age-old ideal of lifelong fidelity in marriage. Of course, secular media types help advance Savage’s wicked ideas (see this NY Tiimes piece on the supposed “Virtues of Infidelity”);

  • Savage is an aggressively anti-Christian activist who uses cyber-hate to demonize people of faith like Rick Santorum as hateful “bigots.”  Who could even make up something as perverse and evil as “Santorum[dot]com”?   Nobody.  Again, Savage takes his pathological anti-conservative-Christian bigotry to new lows with such vile campaigns.  We can’t let him get away with it;
  • Better than most on the Left, Savage illustrates the grand hypocrisy and mocking spirit of Libertine Leftists.  They smear moral-minded Americans as prudish “haters” when NOBODY is as hateful and mean-spirited as they are.  Moreover, like so many on the Left, Savage mocks biblical morality and sneers at its defenders — with a snarky arrogance that will do him no good when he meets his Maker.  This is the zeitgeist of our age: understand Savage and you understand “post-Christian” America’s deep moral and spiritual crisis;
  • Lastly, the liberal media and Hollywood are setting themselves up by REWARDING Savage despite his malicious activism.  Modern liberals love anyone who promotes homosexuality to young people, which Savage does through his media-celebrated “It Gets Better” campaign.  So these social regressives ignore, tolerate or giggle at Savage’s shockingly twisted antics while giving legitimacy to his fringe sexual ideas.  (Then the same Cultural Elites thrash Rush Limbaugh whenever he makes a mistake!)  We at AFTAH are not going to let cynical, secular opinion-makers forget their double-standard and their awful hypocrisy.


It seems almost everyone in America is afraid of homosexual militants and unwilling to tell the truth about the role that “proud homosexuality” is playing in our dying culture.  AFTAH is not.  We go toe-to-toe with these outrageous ideological thugs and their enablers because if they win, America loses.  The Dan Savage’s of this world are putting confused and impressionable youth on the path to hell, literally.  We must do more than wring our hands about it!  Thank you for standing with us! — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org 


Spring Money-Bomb: Please help us continue our work by donating to Americans For Truth’s “Spring Money-Bomb” campaign to raise $10,000 by April 30th.  Go to www.americansfortruth.com/donate/ or send your gift to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.  Thank you to those who have already given!


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