AFTAH’s LaBarbera ‘Bullied,’ Kicked out of Dan Savage Speech at Elmhurst College

Angry Savage supporter tosses LaBarbera’s belongings into aisle of chapel after he asks a critical question during Q&A — then the lies begin

AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera calls Dan Savage (shown above making his perverted and crass speech in Elmhurst College’s historic chapel) the “Face of Progressive Hate.”

WARNING: Offensive Language

AFTAH Exclusive video, “Savaging the Pope!”: same video on YouTube (please “like” it)

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Catholic League release: “Elmhurst College Welcomes Bigot,” based on AFTAH video


By Peter LaBarbera

Dear AFTAH Supporter,

The lies from the homosexual activist movement keep coming, and naturally Americans For Truth is a target of them because we’re helping to peel away the “rainbow” veneer to show the ugly reality of homosexual activism.

On Sunday evening (April 29, 2012), I attended the Dan Savage speech at Elmhurst College with Grace Gospel Fellowship pastor John Kirkwood and a few other hardy Christians. (The chapel was packed, mostly with Savage supporters, many of them students.) What ensued was shocking, unless you are familiar with the hard-cored homosexual activism. Needless to say, Savage gave the type of profane, Christianity-bashing speech for which he has become notorious — in a chapel, no less. [Please watch our video excerpt, “Savaging the Pope!” and then “Like” it on the AFTAH YouTube page. AFTAH will be releasing further video excerpts of the talk.]

I was prepared for the foul-mouthed, anti-Christian barbs (e.g., “What the pope is saying [regarding the threat of “gay marriage”] is that the only thing that stands between my [d**k] and Brad Pitt’s mouth is a piece of paper”…), but not for what happened next: after I asked Savage a critical question in the Q&A (about his nasty hate-site, “Santorum[dot]com”), I was kicked out of the event by Elmhurst College security. This happened after the woman sitting next to me committed an act that can fairly be described as the sort of thing that, well… that a bully would do. Read on after the jump in this version of a note I sent to pro-family leaders explaining the incident.


‘Gay’ Bullies Spread Lies

Here is a excellent illustration of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Lobby’s tendency to lie and “project” their misdeeds on to their critics — from Dan Savage’s Elmhurst College talk Sunday evening [see AFTAH video, “Savaging the Pope,” from a portion of Dan’s crude and deceitful speech]. During the Q&A, I challenged Savage about his vile creation, “,” targeting Rick Santorum. (He said intolerance of intolerance is tolerable and that he will never take it down.)

Then, after trying to defend Family Research Council President Tony Perkins (and all of us) against the wicked charge by Savage that we WANT “gay” kids harmed, I walked back to my pew seat — with some in the overwhelmingly pro-Savage crowd at Elmhurst College’s Hammerschmidt Memorial Chapel jeering at me. As I walked back, I saw my coat and papers in the aisle across from where I’d been sitting. Turns out that the woman who was sitting next to me — to whom I had not uttered a single word — had thrown my coat and notebook into the aisle of the chapel! Tolerance? Bullying?…

When I picked up my belongings, I elected to go back to my pew seat rather than just leave — Why reward her hateful act? I thought; besides, I wanted to hear the rest of the Q&A with Savage. At that point, an Elmhurst security official approached me and said I could not sit down and he escorted me out of the building under the threat of force. I tried to appeal to him that I only wanted to hear the Q&A, and that it was the woman who should be punished, not me. He was unmoved and said he would deal with her next.

Then a new lie began: that I somehow disrupted the presentation and harassed the woman! Here is a homosexual website (Back2Stonewall) spreading that same misinformation. Note that this homosexual writer left out my tweets answering Savage’s misinformation about ME being “belligerent” (he cited a conversation with a security cop, who, in all fairness to Savage, may have just lied about what transpired to cover his tracks).

The bottom line is we do not expect Truth from a movement that is built upon lies. This mini smear is a side-story; the far more important falsehoods are the ones promoted by Savage and others like him:

  • that kids need to embrace homosexuality; that “being gay” is “who they are”;
  • that Christianity’s and the Bible’s counsel against homosexual sin should be ignored;
  • that efforts to help people overcome homosexual temptation are harmful, and that homosexuals cannot change;
  • that homosexual activists like Savage know what’s best for “LGBT” youth more than their parents;
  • and that pro-family advocates like Tony Perkins and myself want to harm children.

If only we could get the average American to understand the falsehoods, dirty tricks, and viciousness of the homosexual militants. At least Savage is helping with that…. — Peter LaBarbera,

P.S. Life does have surprises. Just before publishing this article, I checked out the aforementioned “gay” Back2Stonewall site and noticed that a homosexual advocate is confirming my side of the story. And even though “Lee” continues to refer to me by the hateful nickname created by homosexual militants (“Porno Pete”), I am gratified that he chose to nip this particular lie in the bud. Lee writes:


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