Homosexual Hatemonger Wayne Besen Reaffirms Smear of FRC as ‘Hate Group’

Homosexual activist Wayne Besen — shown here shouting through a bullhorn into the window of a Boston church — which was hosting a meeting of ex-homosexuals — is curiously called upon by the media to discuss tolerance and “hate.” Many pro-family advocates see Besen as one of the most mean-spirited militants in the LGBT movement. Besen works closely with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Dear AFTAH Readers,

God willing, the last few weeks could go down as a turning point in the struggle against the intolerant, aggressive — and often very hateful — Homosexual Lobby in America.  First, as many of you know because you participated in it, Americans rallied by the hundreds of thousands behind Chick-fil-A in what I’m calling the first national repudiation of pro-“gay” political correctness in a long time.  Then, those of us whose news was not filtered by the liberal media [see this report by Media Research Center] learned of the anti-Christian (politically motivated) “hate crime” at the Family Research Council — which might have been a bloodbath had hero Leo Johnson not stopped “gay” activist Floyd Corkins from going on a shooting spree.

I used to work at FRC, in the same building at 8th & G Streets NW, in Washington, D.C., where gunman Corkins walked in carrying 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches and 50 rounds of ammunition. It lends a whole new meaning to the term “Culture War” to realize that people you know — wonderful Christian advocates like Peter Sprigg [interviewed recently by AFTAH: see Part 1; Part 2; and Part 3]– could have lost their lives at the hands of a sexually-confused, homicidal hatemonger.  (Corkins volunteered at a D.C. “gay” center — a fact conveniently left out in some major media reports of the attack.)

As you can imagine, this story hits close to home for those of us engaged in cultural battle against self-styled “queer” militants.  Just last October, AFTAH, Christian Liberty Academy, and our pro-family honoree Scott Lively were targeted with a brazen brick attack by pro-homosexual activists, accompanied by a bizarre, al Qaeda-like threatening manifesto published on a left-wing Chicago website.  But what happened at FRC takes it up a notch and shows the truly dangerous implications of the Gay Lobby’s fanatical propaganda campaign to redefine historic, Judeo-Christian sexual morality as “hate.”  Of course, Floyd Corkins is responsible for this crime, but homosexual activists, the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and the “gay”-cheerleading media are responsible for indulging a preposterous and evil narrative that equates Christian pro-family groups like FRC and AFTAH with racist fringe groups like the KKK.

We will not stand idly by and be smeared by hateful pressure groups using ends-justifies-the-means, Saul Alinsky-type dirty tactics to demonize their opponents.  Thankfully, many millions of Americans are finally seeing through the media bias and “getting it” that the real (and well-organized) haters in America are on the Left.

Besen’s Bigoted Bluster
Make no mistake: the homosexualist vilification campaign against pro-family people of faith continues unabated even after Corkins’ attempted terrorism.  You can read HERE how homosexual activist Wayne Besen — largely considered by my conservative colleagues to be one of the nastiest “gay’ activists on the LGBT side — arrogantly writes that despite its protestations, FRC must still be considered a “hate group.”  My jaw nearly dropped to the floor as I read this line by Besen — who proudly coined the hateful smear “Porno Pete” for yours truly:

“If the FRC wants to stop being labeled a hate group, it must stop doing and saying hateful things.”

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank (who favors “gay rights”) disagrees with Besen and the SPLC, calling the “hate group” charge against FRC “absurd” and “reckless.” Regardless, you can take this to the bank: nobody I know in the entire pro-family movement — and I mean NOBODY — approaches the calculated viciousness and maliciousness of Besen (pray for his lost soul). [See this lewd and hateful correspondence by Besen in 2002 with a former lesbian.]  And yet many in the media, including FOX’s Bill O’Reilly, run to Besen as if he is some Arbiter of Tolerance on what is and is not acceptable rhetoric.  The world really is turned upside-down (Isaiah 5:20).

Paver brick thrown through glass doors of Christian Liberty Academy last October containing crude demand that AFTAH shut down its event at which pro-family culture warrior Scott Lively was honored. Click on photo to enlarge.

Know this: AFTAH will continue to expose the dark side and ongoing extremism of the “gay” Sin Movement that routinely engages in the demonization of Christians to advance its own power — and which, outrageously, posits that “rights” based on aberrant sexual behavior (sin) supersede Americans’ freedom of conscience.  As Christians, we simply cannot quit in this titanic struggle to defend God’s Truth.  Thanks for standing with us.

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality

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