Trevor MacDonald, ‘Breastfeeding Dad’ — Latest Freak Show in our Politically Correct, Confused Culture

Media won’t call these ‘pretend men’ what they are: very confused women

First there was the “Pregnant Man” (a sexually confused former beauty queen) and now this: Trevor MacDonald, a “Transgendered, Gay, Breastfeeding Dad” from oh-so tolerant Canada. Actually, SHE is a very confused woman who desperately needs God’s help — although I’m sure she is enjoying the limelight that comes from embracing the latest politically correct perversion. Here is “Trevor’s” bio on a blog piece titled, ” A Transgender Dad Looks Back on One Year of Breastfeeding His Baby”:

Trevor MacDonald lives in Winnipeg, Canada, with his partner, baby and dog. He is currently a stay-at-home dad, and has an honours BA in political science from the University of British Columbia. While remaining secure in his identity as a gay man, he breastfeeds his baby boy because of the zillions of studies that prove that breastfeeding is a healthy, biologically normal choice for babies. He writes about his queer breastfeeding adventures on his blog at

Boy, I sure am glad Trevor cares about making the “biologically normal choice” for HER baby. Did she ever get around to thinking about the effects that her abnormal identity and behavioral choices as a parent will have on her innocent child? That poor boy. Below are some comments sent to me by David, a friend from North Carolina who left the homosexual lifestyle (which is to say, he abandoned that destructive sin). What is so fascinating about modern “progressives” and all who bow down to “Tolerance” is that they seem incapable of doing whas David does below and state the simple truth: that this is absolutely nuts.  — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


David writes:

The surgically mutilated woman pictured above, breastfeeding her baby, is pretending to be a man. She got preggers and had an innocent child, all the while undergoing a “sex change” to become a “transgender” (but she did not, as of yet, install the fake male genitalia). But the “sex change” (surgical mutilation) was not to become a “straight man,” but a homosexual one. Yes, you got that right, she wanted to become a homosexual male. More than likely due to her fascination over homosexual male pornography. And “he” (she) wed a biological male to become “gay male lovers.” Speaking truthfully, can you imagine being forced to be raised in such a twisted, perverse and distorted household? But with extreme liberals now embracing, legislating, and forcing their agenda on everyone else, you’d better get used to seeing more of this.


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