Catholic League: Homosexuality Implicated in Boy Scout Child Molestation Files

The Boy Scouts expelled Rhode Island assistant troop leader William Lazzareschi after he forced a 12-year-old Scout boy to perform oral sex on him.

Male homosexual predators (pederasts) go where the boys are, which is why see the Boy Scouts of America being forced to deal publicly with an issue it would rather shove behind close doors: adult male Scout leaders molesting innocent boys. It goes without saying that the Homosexual Lobby and its media apologists will strive to divorce this crisis from homosexuality itself:  they conveniently insist that “pedophiles” — and “ephebophiles” (adults who sexually desire adolescents) — are separate categories unto themselves. But this academic legerdemain is self-serving and amounts to the glorification of semantic technicalities designed to obscure common sense.

And common sense implicates male homosexuality (which of course is not to say that all or even most “gay” men are pedophiles or into sex with minors). The Catholic League gets it right below, especially their observation: “whenever there is an overrepresentation of any demographic groups with deviant behavior, it bears scrutiny.”

We must return to the question: If practicing homosexual/bisexual men represent a mere a sliver (1-3 percent) of American society — why is there such a big problem of boys being seduced into sex or raped by adult male predators like Jerry Sandusky? Wouldn’t only a tiny percentage — and not double digits — of victims be boys, since 97 percent or more of men are straight?

In other words, assuming very few boys are molested by women, why are there so many boy victims of pedophilia?

Answering that question takes us into other important areas of inquiry that make homosexual activists and their liberal allies squirm, such as: why do so many “gay” men like CNN’s Don Lemon testify to being victimized by adult male predators when they were boys? And why do so many of them deny the connection between that victimization and their present adult homosexual identity (“sexual orientation”)?

Going back to that pesky thing called common sense, isn’t it absurd to suggest that being introduced as a boy to deviant sex by an adult pervert has no bearing on that boy’s subsequent and tragic embrace of a deviant sexual identity?

The Libertine Left has no interest in these troubling questions. And just as the media refuse to ask serious questions about why homosexual men contract sexual diseases in numbers vastly disproportionate to their tiny population, reporters lack curiosity as to why homosexual men are overrepresented among sexual predators.

The “mainstream” media may be mute, but these are questions we will not stop asking.  — Peter LaBarbera,


The following is reprinted from the July-August issue of Catalyst, a publication of the Catholic League:

Boy Scout ‘Perv Files’ Revealing

As a result of an Oregon Supreme Court decision, 20,000 pages of files kept on suspected perverts by the Boy Scouts of America were recently released. The most striking aspect of this disclosure was the timeline: the data show the sexual abuse that took place from 1965 to 1985–the exact same period when priestly sexual abuse peaked. It also shows the role played by homosexuals.

The John Jay Report on the “Causes and Context” of sex abuse by priests found that “three quarters of the priests [on] whom we have data had sexual relations with an adult and/or minor after ordination.” Also, “Priests with pre-ordination same-sex sexual behavior who did sexually abuse a minor after ordination were more likely to have a male child victim than a female child victim.”

Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist who has spent years treating abusive priests, has said, “Every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships.” [Emphasis Catholic League’s.] Kinsey found that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under the age of 17.

While homosexuality does not cause such behavior, whenever there is an overrepresentation of any demographic groups with deviant behavior, it bears scrutiny. Most of us know this, but because of intimidation, few will say it.

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