AFTAH Calls on Boy Scouts of America to Release ALL Homosexual Molestation Files

Urge the Scouts to “come clean” on their homosexual perversion cases

Ousted Boy Scout scoutmaster and homosexual predator William Lazzareschi.

Take Action: Urge the Boy Scouts of America to make public ALL cases of molestation from its inception until today — so that Americans can get a clear picture of the threat to boys posed by adult homosexual predators. Contact the Boy Scouts of America [972-580-2000; 8:00 AM-4:30 PM Central Time].  Also, if you live near greater Chicago, please attend the AFTAH dinner-banquet this Saturday, Oct. 27 to hear one of the world’s leading child-protection advocates, Dr. Judith Reisman, speak on: “Pedophilia: The Next ‘New Normal’?” Sign up for just $15 online through Friday ($20 at the door):


By Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth

You cannot help but be stunned by the enormity of evil contained in the Boy Scouts of America’s (BSA) homosexual-molestation (“perversion”) files, which were released in June by order of Oregon’s highest court. You can peruse the tragic cases on PDF’s here: You can read the Scouts’ response in the form of their web page “BSA Youth Protection” here:

Well over a decade ago, when I and other pro-family advocates were defending the Scouts’ right to live by their own moral creed — and not be forced to hire homosexual or atheist scoutmasters (they won their case narrowly in the Supreme Court in 2000) — BSA officials were not keen on using the “potential-for-molestation” argument, in the courts or in the culture. Now we know why.

These files of man-boy molestations are not comprehensive and cover only the peried from 1965-1985. We at AFTAH believe the Boy Scouts should now make public ALL cases of homosexual pedophilia and sexual crimes — from the organization’s inception until today. To their credit, the BSA has embraced very tough measures to prevent further sexual abuse; you can read about it HERE. However, the same lawyers who successfully obtained the release of the Scouts’ 1965-1985 “perversion” files point out that the problem continues: there many recent cases of molestation; read about them HERE.

The public deserves to know the full truth about homosexual man-boy (or any) molestations — in the Boy Scouts, in church bodies, and indeed, in any institution involving children. It should NOT take a lawsuit to make this crucial information available to parents and grandparents.

Yesterday, I called the Boy Scouts’ headquarters and told them that the Scouts should willingly “clear the air” on these perversion cases — and not appear to be covering them up or releasing them only under duress. By the way, I would say the same thing to Catholic Church officials, who would have been far better off had they come clean on ALL the cases of homosexual pederasts rather than having the sordid stories drip out case by case.

Homosexuality and Pedophilia

And yes, we are aware that “gay” advocates and their allies in the media and academia go out of their way to deny ANY connection between men who rape/seduce boys and homosexuality. This is absurd. Our standard is simple: all male-on-male sexual conduct is homosexual — and the many “gay” men (e.g., CNN’s Don Lemon) who testify to being sexually abused by men when they were boys is powerful circumstantial evidence of the connection between the two deviancies. (Homosexuality is disproportionately linked to pedophilia–otherwise, assuming almost all boy victims are molested by men and not women, such a high percentage of pedophile cases would not involve boys.)

AFTAH Banquet: “Pedophilia: The Next ‘New Normal’?”:  The ongoing victimization of boys at the hands of (mostly) adult male predators is one reason we chose Judith Reisman, one of the world’s leading advocates for children against pedophilia, as the keynote speaker for our AFTAH dinner-banquet this Sat., Oct. 27. Please come and bring a friend if you can — tickets are only $15 online and $20 at the door. You can sign up or get more information at the banquet web page:

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