LISTEN: Ken Hutcherson Says Rick Warren Behaving Like Politician Not Pastor – AFTAH Interview Part Two

Pastor Ken Hutcherson

Here is Part Two of Americans For Truth Hour’s interview with Ken Hutcherson [click HERE to listen], former NFL linebacker and pastor of Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, Washington. [Click HERE to listen to Part One.] “Hutch” first discusses how as a youth he overcome a race-focused mindset to accept Jesus Christ, who became his “new Coach” while the Bible became his playbook. In commenting on Rick Warren’s ambiguous statements about homosexuality, sin and Prop 8, Hutcherson says that for a man to indulge sexual thoughts about another man is a sin unto itself: “Our thought patterns [are] what lead to the sin in the first place.”

Hutcherson says that rather than talk about his “gay” friends, Warren should be highlighting his “ex-gay” friends. “We’ve gotten to the point now [that] we’ve forgotten that we’re pastors and we want to be more politicians,” Hutcherson said. “A politician won’t give you a straight answer…to save his life, but he will give you an answer to save his seat.”

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12-7-12, Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Part Two


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