LISTEN: AFTAH Interviews Oklahoma Pastor James Taylor – Part One

Pastor James Taylor

Pastor James Taylor

This is the first of a two-part interview [click HERE to listen] with James Taylor, pastor of University Christian Church in Norman, Oklahoma. It was recorded Jan. 17, 2013. Taylor attended, with AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera, a federally- and state-sponsored conference on substance abuse and homosexuals, held December 12, 2012 in his hometown of Norman. Here is Americans For Truth’s original story on the one-day “LGBTQ2I Summit” conference, which Taylor describes as “nothing more than … a pep rally for the GLBT [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender] community.” Taylor bristles at the analogy of conference speaker and (male-to-female) transsexual Celeste Flemming comparing “transgenders” being denied the use of opposite sex restrooms (e.g., due to women not wanting to share a restroom with biological males who want to live as “women”) — to Blacks being denied the use of “whites-only” restrooms. He describes how he came to the defense of conservative Oklahoma State Senator Sally Kern (R), who was mischaracterized by the keynote speaker at the conference as being on a “which hunt” against homosexuals. There is also a discussion about a heretical, pro-homosexual “What does the bible say about homosexuality?” flier passed out at one of the sessions attended by Taylor.

LaBarbera also comments on Wayne Besen’s interview opposite Family Research Council’s Peter Sprigg on CNN — about the Inaugural prayer controversy involving Georgia Pastor Louie Giglio.

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1-17-13, Pastor James Taylor, Part One


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