HuffPo’s ‘Gay Voices’ Site Posts Video Showing Full-Frontal Male Nudity

The only thing more pathetic than Huffington Post’s “Gay Voices” website running a video compiling movie scenes with full-frontal male nudity is their excuse for running it: the paucity of such videos compared to those showing female nudity. Huffpo “Gay Voices” has become a leading site for homosexual advocates, and apparently pandering to those advocates led to gratuitously showing men’s penises on video. In the process, HuffPo takes “journalism” to a new low.

The liberal Huffington Post panders to the desires of homosexual men with its Valentine's Day video showing full frontal male nudity.

The liberal Huffington Post panders to the desires of homosexual men with its Valentine’s Day video showing full frontal male nudity. (Still shot from HuffPo video covered up by AFTAH.)

The HuffPo video reminds us of one salient point in the national debate over homosexuality: “gay” guys like to see other men nude, and lesbians like to see women nude. Thus, the perversion of homosexuality turns seemingly “safe” places like gym showers, dorms and collective military showers into potential leering zones for those beset with aberrant sexual desires. (At many colleges, students are forbidden  under “nondiscrimination” codes from demanding a new roommate because they don’t want to room with a homosexual.) Thus the privacy of sexually normal people is violated. To belittle that as a concern is to belittle the need for separate restroom and gym facilities for men and women. — Peter LaBarbera,

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