TIME Magazine’s Indecent Homosexual Kiss Cover and Sen. Mark Kirk’s ‘Gay Marriage’ Defection

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TIME magazine covers, blocked for decency’s sake by AFTAH. TIME managing editor Richard Stengel says the homosexual kisses are “beautiful and symbolized the love that is at the heart of the idea of marriage.” Click on graphic to enlarge.

From OneNewsNow, the online publication of the American Family Assoction [click HERE to view article on their website]:

Media, Republicans Fueling the Left

Posted by Charlie Butts and Chad Groening (American Family News) – April 04, 2013

A pro-family leader asserts that while “nothing’s inevitable,” the media and now members of the Republican Party are helping promote the homosexual agenda.

The April 8 issue of TIME has two different covers with the same theme. One features two women kissing, and the other shows two men doing the same. “Gay Marriage Already Won. The Supreme Court Hasn’t Made Up Its Mind – but America Has” is printed in yellow across the two black and white covers.

But Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) is “upset” by how the magazine is jumping the gun.

“This is shocking that TIME magazine would do this — basically publishing indecent photos, promoting perversion on the cover of their magazine, where on racks across the country children can see this,” he laments. “This is an in-your-face promotion of homosexual immorality, and I’m very upset that they would go to this length.”

And LaBarbera is especially dismayed that the order to print the photos came from the top.

“The managing editor of TIME, Richard Stengel, said the images published by TIME were — quote — ‘beautiful and symbolized the love that is at the heart of the idea of marriage’ — unquote,” the AFTAH president reports. “How can you be more confused? Two people of the same sex kissing symbolizes the love of marriage?”

Marriage has historically been between a man and a woman, and he asserts that media moguls cannot change that.

LaBarbera adds that the media and the far left are confused, and he submits that the article and cover photos are a sellout to the homosexual lobby, as corporate America supports TIME through its advertising dollars.

Sen. Kirk and “gay marriage”

Meanwhile, the pro-family activist who works to expose the truth about homosexuality is not surprised that Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk has come out in favor of same-sex “marriage.”

Kirk said in a post on his blog this week that same-sex couples should have the right to marry. He says what matters in life is who you love, and “government has no place in the middle.”

Kirk previously voted to end the policy that banned homosexuals from serving in the military. He is also a lead co-sponsor of a proposed bill that would ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and has opposed a constitutional amendment to ban “gay marriage.” So LaBarbera is not exactly surprised by the latest development.

“He was always liberal on social issues, and he was a favorite of the so-called moderates in the Republican Party,” the AFTAH president notes. “But I certainly didn’t expect that he would capitulate this fast. This very simplistic explanation by Senator Kirk fits a man who really … never treated the social issues seriously.”

While Kirk’s decision is not a surprise, LaBarbera points out that it will still benefit the pro-homosexual forces.

“The sad thing about this is it gives fuel to the left’s ‘inevitability’ claim,” he offers. “The left and the media are promoting homosexual marriage like never before — they’re saying it’s unstoppable; it’s inevitable. Of course that’s not true; nothing’s inevitable. But they’re really pushing homosexuality in the Republican Party. Senator Kirk’s defection on this issue only helps the left.”

Following Sen. Rob Portman’s (R-Ohio) lead from last month, Kirk is now the second Republican senator to endorse such unions.

LaBarbera finds it sad that Senator Kirk favored traditional marriage when he ran for office but, like President Barack Obama, changed his position after he took office.

– See more at: http://www.instantanalysis.net/latest-headlines-from-american-family-news/2013/04/04/media,-republicans-fueling-the-left#sthash.IjFN8RW5.dpuf

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