AFTAH Defends Natural Marriage against Pro-Homosexual Illinois Republican Party (ILGOP) Chairman Pat Brady


Grassroots Illinois Republicans stand behind AFTAH banner urging the dismissal of IL-GOP Chairman Pat Brady, who shocked the state’s Republicans by coming out for homosexuality-based “marriage.” Dozens of conservative Republicans, including elected officials, were forced to wait three hours as Brady’s future was decided in private at the meeting. When they were finally let back in, comments were limited to only a minute per speaker and then — after a few critical speeches including one by AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera — the meeting was suddenly cut short by Brady.


TINLEY PARK, Illinois — Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) delivered the following informational Alert yesterday at the quarterly meeting of the Republican Party of Illinois (IL-GOP) Central Committee. AFTAH educates the public about the implications of homosexual activism to all institutions and all political parties. We’ll have more on Saturday’s bizarrely dysfunctional Central Committee meeting in another post [read Illinois Review editor Fran Eaton’s account of it HERE].


Americans For Truth ** ALERT ** 

Putting Principles First:  Why the IL-GOP Must Never Abandon Its Pro-Natural-Marriage Platform

CONTACT: Peter LaBarbera:                           April 13, 2013

Homosexual "marriage" will accelerate the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion as ‘normal’ in public schools. In Massachusetts, 2nd graders were required to read this book, “King & King,” about a prince who falls in love and "marries" another man instead of a princess. Parents in Mass. lost their right to guide their own children’s moral values if they keep them in public schools.

Homosexual “marriage” will accelerate the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion as ‘normal’ in public schools. In Massachusetts, 2nd graders were required to read this book, “King & King,” about a prince who falls in love with and “marries” another man instead of a princess. Parents in Mass. effectively lost their right to guide their own children’s moral values if they keep them in public schools.

TINLEY PARK, Illinois – Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) urges the Republican Party of Illinois to stay true to its own conservative Platform and reaffirm marriage as between a man and a woman.

AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera said that by embracing homosexuality-based “marriage,” IL-GOP Chairman Pat Brady and the state’s most powerful Republican, Sen. Mark Kirk, have recklessly undermined the GOP’s conservative “brand” as a pro-family party and hurt the Party’s outreach prospects — especially among minority voters.

The IL-GOP Platform reads in part:

The family is society’s central building block… Our children need secure and nurturing environments, which are best found within the traditional family. No law should be enacted nor policy implemented without fully contemplating the effect it would have on children and their families…. [T]he ideal, best environment for children is within a two-parent family based on the principle of marriage between one man and one woman.

The Republican Party endorses a constitutional amendment protecting our Defense of Marriage Act and enshrining in constitutional law marriage as it is defined in our “DOMA.”

Our laws should strongly support and celebrate the loving commitment a man and a woman make to each other in marriage….

LaBarbera urged the divisive Brady to step down as IL-GOP chairman and offered the following as among the reasons NOT to undermine the Party’s historic defense of natural marriage:

    • If homosexuality-based “marriage” is legalized, religious liberty and freedom of conscience will be further repressed by the state in the name of “gay equality”; this is already happening in Illinois under our “Civil Unions” law. In Paxton, IL, Jim and Beth Walder – owners of a bed-and-breakfast – were forced to go to court to defend their constitutional right to live by their own Christian beliefs (they declined a homosexual  “civil union” ceremony on their own property). Republicans must stand for liberty – yet too often pro-homosexual libertarians are silent on the growing threat to First Amendment freedoms justified in the name of “gay rights.”

  • Voters deserve a choice: sadly, the Democrat Party is already the Party of Homosexuality and Abortion-on-Demand. Voters need a pro-family alternative, not more of the same. Besides, becoming a “Democrat-lite” party on social issues won’t work electorally for the GOP. Republicans will never be able to “out-gay” or “out-abortion” the Democrats and, given the choice, most voters motivated by those issues will opt for the real thing.
  • Blacks and Latinos support real marriage! – as polls and the recent pro-natural-marriage rally in D.C. demonstrate, minorities overwhelmingly support the preservation of marriage as one man, one woman – i.e., at higher rates than whites. How ironic that just when the GOP is struggling to expand its appeal among minority voters, some Republican elites are embracing counterfeit “gay marriage” – thus FURTHER ALIENATING the very minority voters they need to reach.
  • “Gay” Republicans represent a tiny sliver of the electorate – Just a few years ago the oldest and largest “gay Republican” organization, Log Cabin Republicans, boasted a national membership of just 20,000. The fact is, most homosexuals vote Democrat, and conservative-minded homosexuals are already voting for the GOP on economic grounds.
  • Legalized homosexual “marriage” will propel and help “normalize” homosexual adoption — thus consigning ever greater numbers of innocent children to be raised in households that are motherless or fatherless by design. In Illinois as in Massachusetts, the Catholic Church was effectively forced by government-backed “gay rights” to shut down its successful adoption program because it refused, according to the dictates of its religious teachings, to place children in households that intentionally deny children a mom or a dad.
  • Liberal teachers, especially in public schools, will be emboldened to promote homosexual relationships to students in the classroom; homosexual teachers will be given a platform to discuss their “marriages” and thus to model homosexuality as normal, natural and good to students. Guided by the politically correct fiction that all relationships are “equal,” parents will have a harder time stopping the promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion to their children in schools.
  • Homosexual “sex ed” will gain ground in Illinois schools. The law is a teacher. Under the radical egalitarian idea that all relationships (and sexual practices?) are “equally valid” and worthy of marriage, “safer gay sex” will be taught non-judgmentally to Illinois students alongside normal, heterosexual sex. Thus, high-risk and unnatural practices like rectal sex will be mainstreamed in our schools in the name of “equality.”  Teaching the superiority of natural and normal sex and (real) marriage between man and woman will be outlawed on the basis that it “discriminations” against homosexuals.
  • Businessmen will be forced to recognize and subsidize their employees’ immoral same-sex “marriages”: a version ofthis is already happening under Illinois’ “Civil Unions” law;
  • Energized homosexual activists will use a homosexual “marriage” law to pressure citizens to approve of their lifestyle.  They will step up their crusade to stigmatize, demonize and discredit pro-family Christians and moral opponents of homosexuality. Groups like AFTAH that embrace wholesome, godly morality will be vilified as “hateful and bigoted.” And, as we have witnessed in Massachusetts, the push for ever more extreme “LGBT rights” would be propelled by enactment of “same-sex marriage” — including “transgender” activism in schools.
  • Since when do Republicans follow the liberal media’s lead on issues of principle?

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