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AFA Radio’s Sandy Rios Interviews Peter LaBarbera and Ex-‘Gay’ Christopher Doyle

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Rios to give keynote speech at AFTAH fundraising banquet Nov. 16

FOX News Contributor Sandy Rios will be the keynote speaker at AFTAH's banquet Saturday, Nov. 2.

FOX News Contributor and stellar Christian culture warrior Sandy Rios will be the keynote speaker at AFTAH’s annual banquet Saturday, Nov. 16, at Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, IL.

SAVE THE DATE (Nov. 16): We at AFTAH are very excited to have Chicago’s longtime and beloved talk show host, Sandy Rios, as the keynote speaker at our annual Americans For Truth banquet Saturday, Nov. 16. Our banquet host, as always, is Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Please save the date. Tickets are just $20/person in advance or $25 at the door.


Folks, it is always a pleasure and a privilege for me to sit down with my good friend (and former boss) Sandy Rios for an interview, which I did Tuesday, as a guest on her “Sandy Rios in the Morning” show on American Family Radio (AFR Talk) network. (AFR is part of Don Wildmon’s wonderful organization, American Family Association.) In this interview [click HERE to listen] with Sandy — who is also a FOX News Contributor and the vice-president of Family-Pac Federal — we discuss media distortions of the pope’s recent comments about not judging “gay people.” I point out that the pope did not disavow but actually affirmed Catholic teaching, which proscribes ALL pro-homosexual advocacy and legislation. In fact, Pope Francis specifically stated that “the problem is lobbying by this [sexual] orientation” and compared that to lobbying on the basis of a greedy “orientation.” I tell Sandy:

The last thing that the Catholic Church needs is more homosexual priests…. The devastation that they wrought — the whole penetration of the Church [by] homosexual pederasts [who] got into the church ….by [relaxing] the rules to get in [the priesthood]… They molested boys and teenagers [which is consistent with] …the whole history of homosexuality and pederasty…Then they covered up the pederasty. They moved these priests around. And now the same homosexual activists say, “Well, you can’t believe the Catholic Church because they harbored pedophilia!” So homosexuality has done incredible devastation to this Church…But you listen to homosexual activists and it’s like they don’t acknowledge that. It’s so bizarre…Homosexual activists never take responsibility for their own behavior and the repercussions from it.

Rios agrees and notes that the “homosexual activist movement …is very narcissistic. Everything is about them….”

Next we discuss homosexual activist strategy (basically, more lawsuits) following the Supreme Court’s landmark rulings that cleared the way for recognition of homosexuality-based “marriages” by the federal government, and in California despite that state’s Prop 8 vote. Later, former homosexual Christopher Doyle, a former homosexual and director of International Healing Foundation, discusses “Ex-Gay Pride Month” and his take on why Exodus International leaders Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas brought about the downfall of that “ex-gay” umbrella organization.

Please mark your calendars for November 16 and save the date for our banquet with Sandy Rios. You will not want to miss this! As usual we are  keeping the cost low — $20 per person in advance or $25 at the door — so plan on bringing some friends. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

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Pete LaBarbera & Chris Doyle with Sandy Rios in the Morning, AFR, 7-30-13


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