Vote Tally for Passage of Illinois House Bill SB 10 Legalizing ‘Gay Marriage’

The Illinois House of Representatives voted 61-54 yesterday (Nov. 5, 2012) to approve SB 10, a bill to legalize homosexual “marriage.”  The bill was previously approved by the State Senate, and now will go to be signed by Gov. Pat Quinn (D), a strong supporter of homosexual “marriage.” The vote tally and some breakdowns for SB 10 are below. The vote went roughly along party lines, with  all but three of the “Yes” votes from Democrats. Ten Democrats voted AGAINST SB 10 (with two voting “Present”), and three Republicans voted FOR it (with one GOP member absent from the vote).

Party affiliation in Illinois House of Representatives: 71 Democrats; 47 Republicans

Republicans (3) voting YES on SB 10 (homosexual “marriage”): Tom Cross (outgoing House Republican Leader; see his statement on SB 10 vote HERE; Cross is running for Illinois State Treasurer in 2014); Ron Sandak; Ed Sullivan, Jr.

Democrats (10) voting NO on SB 10: Beiser; Bradley; Cloonen; Costello; Monique Davis; Flowers; Jackson; Jefferson; Mautino; Scherer.

More voting breakdowns are beneath the graphic:

IL Gay Marriage Roll Call SB 10  11-5-2013

More voting breakdowns on SB 10:

Members of House Black Caucus (14) voting FOR SB 10 (FOR legalizing “gay marriage”): William Davis; Dunkin; Evans; Ford; Golar; Gordon; Jones; Lilly; Christian Mitchell; Riley; Sims; Thapedi; Turner; Chris Welch;

House Black Caucus members (4) voting AGAINST SB 10: Monique Davis; Flowers; Jackson; Jefferson

Black Caucus members (2) voting “Present” on SB 10: Mayfield; Derrick Smith (both Democrats; all Black Caucus members are Democrats)

House Member with “Excused Absence” from vote: Mike Fortner (Republican)

Homosexual legislators: Kelly Cassidy; Greg Harris (SB 10 Chief Sponsor); Sam Yingling (all Democrats);

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