Ex-‘Gay’ Michael Glatze Is Thankful to God for the Gift of his Wife, Rebekah

AFTAH Exclusive: Glatze responds with grace to homosexual attacks on his marriage

Michael and Rebekah Glatze at their recent wedding.

Michael and Rebekah Glatze at their recent wedding.

We are happy to pass along this statement by my friend Michael Glatze, a former “gay” activist who left the lifestyle and recently married his bride, Rebekah. Their marriage has attracted the scorn of hateful homosexual activist Wayne Besen (who cruelly called Rebekah Michael’s “prop”) and the skeptical interest of other LGBT advocates. More is coming on this story. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

[To congratulate or contact Michael, write him at michaeleglatze@gmail.com]:

Note from Michael Glatze:

Dear friends and prayer warriors: I am so grateful for all the prayers that have gone up to God for myself, and for Rebekah, as we have been so blessed to have gotten married in the past month. It has certainly been a journey! Going from being involved in the gay community, to traveling through various spiritual searches, to finding myself (personally) in many tumultuous situations, to meeting the woman that God provided for me, to being able to have a healthy relationship, to building relationships with parents and friends, and to finally have our families and friends converge in a beautiful wedding… all has been a difficult, powerful, and awesome journey!

I am SO grateful for the fact that God has allowed me the privilege of being married. I am 38 years old. I live, every day, with a sense of profound gratitude for His provision, and His protection on my life. I am grateful that, though I have failed time and time again, He continues to pick me back up, dust me off, and show me HOW MUCH He truly loves me. And, now, praise God, I am able to share that divine love with Rebekah. This is the greatest present Our Father has given me… it is unspeakably awesome.

There are so many who have wanted to “pick apart” my life. Heck… there are people who pick apart every subtle appearance in every photograph of me ever taken! It is strange to say the least. But, I guess when you become an individual that seems to “stand for” something larger, you can expect that kind of treatment. For instance, it was never my intention to be labeled a “racist” or a “homophobe,” let alone “deranged,” and “crazy.” But, all of these things continue to travel through the airwaves of our strange world – without any of those accusers ever seeing fit to contact me, directly, whether it could be possible for them to express their concerns to me or not. Has anyone asked me what I *really* said about President Obama back in 2009? No. It is easier for them to paint me as a radical racist, which I am not. [Editor’s Note: Michael recommends listening to his 2011 podcast interview with the Theopologetics blog for his take on what he really said regarding the “racist” accusation and other attacks by LGBT activists.] Has anybody ever contacted Rebekah, or myself, to ask us how we *really* feel about each other? No. And, in some cases, even if they did contact us directly, they would doubt that we were telling “the whole truth.” They would assume that in our “Christian blindness,” we were only saying what we were supposed to say, or “wanted to believe.” In a world where people REFUSE to listen to other people, there is not a lot of room for legitimate harmony.

But, I’d just like to say this. Thank you for those of you who are interested in harmony. Thank you for the love that continues to pour through our great land. And, thank you to those who have prayed for mine and Rebekah’s protection. It is not easy to have people consistently send you death-threats, simply because you left homosexuality and then decided to reach out, in many attempts at writing down your thoughts, to those who ALSO want to leave homosexuality. And, it is not easy to know the truth… and, also, know that living the truth may put you in constant, personal danger. …But, I’ll tell you this… it is worth it. I love Rebekah. I am not saying this as a political ploy. My life is an open book. I am not ashamed of that. Peter is a friend. AFTAH is a good cause, which I support. And, because of that, I am asking him whether he would like to have this short note from me as well as a wedding photo from my recent wedding.

If people feel this is me being a “publicity hound,” then they can feel that. People can feel whatever they want in this world. At some point, I would hope those same people would seek out the truth. If they do that? … Well, that could be an awesome thing for them. “You shall know the truth; and, the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)


Michael also responded in the Comments section following Besen’s cruel piece on the Truth Wins Out website. His gracious reply stands in stark contrast to the maliciousness of Besen and his TWO allies:

Michael Glaze December 3, 2013 at 6:39 pm – 

Hey… ‘noticed that Wayne (TWO) has a story here about Rebekah and my marriage. Though I don’t necessarily have any particular idea to cause any *additional* discomfort in anyone’s life, I just wanted to pop onto this comments thread to say that you ((any of you)) are more than welcome to contact me directly if you have any questions about religion, philosophy, life decisions, or anything.

Though we may not all see eye-to-eye about every aspect of life, I am actually a human being and would love to just make that clear here to all of you, whom I also value entirely as human beings. Thanks! Michael Glatze (michaeleglatze@gmail.com)


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