WATCH: Homosexual Activists Disrupt Press Conference Announcing ‘Coalition for Family Values’

Folks, three pro-homosexual protesters disrupted our press conference today in Washington, D.C.– called to announce a new pro-family umbrella group, the Coalition for Family Values (CFV), of which AFTAH is a member. The protesters–who accused CFV organizer Scott Lively of causing the death of homosexuals in Russia–were removed by National Press Club security officials after refusing to relent. Below is a YouTube video of the incident provided by a reporter with the Washington Blade:

At the event, Lively (of Defend the Family International) and other speakers graciously offered to let the protesters stay and ask their “question” after our speakers were finished making their initial presentations. (The protesters started with their rant before the last of three speakers was about to present–before the question-and-answer period.) After the lead woman protester, Ellen Sturtz, ignored pleas to stop and kept speaking loudly, Press Club security officials removed her and the two others.

For the record, although the Left and homosexual activists have a long history of disrupting conservative speakers, I can’t even think of an instance in which pro-family activists interrupted a “gay” press event. No wonder, then, that the term “homo-fascist” is catching on to describe LGBT militants’ intolerance of opposing views. Nevertheless, afterward the CFV event was over, Lively and the protesters talked outside the Press Club building, and Lively even posed for photos with Sturtz. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

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