The Calamity of Elliot Rodger and Mike Michaud

Heath: “Gay marriage” equates the “sterility and harm of homosexual perversion with the fruitfulness and sanctity of marriage”

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Mass murderer Elliot Rodger.

Mass murderer Elliot Rodger.

By Michael Heath

No ray of sunshine, no warm ocean breeze rustling through the palm leaves can bring cheer to Isla Vista. A cloud of sorrow covers the picturesque college town and seeps though every fastened gate, through every locked and bolted door, and pierces every bewildered heart.

Nothing is more precious than the life of a young woman who eagerly awaits the joys of life. And no hurt exceeds the pain of a father or mother who sees a cap and gown replaced by a funeral shroud.

America should weep bitter tears over this. America must. Like the Prodigal Son who abandoned his father’s ample table to feed on the husks of swine, America has exchanged traditional views on marriage and the family for an unworkable code of sexual liberation. Under this dubious code, each man and woman becomes a law unto himself.  If anyone doubts this, let him contemplate the words of the perpetrator. In his final message to society, Elliot Rodger declared himself to be beyond the commands and prohibitions of any law, human or divine.

Elliot Rodger’s understanding of human existence and sexual morality was gleaned at random from pop culture, lurid movies, and violent video games. Far from regarding women as a helpmate, life-long companion, and future mother of his children–which is the Christian view of marriage–Rodger saw women as a potential sexual conquest, a sort of prey.

In my 30-year battle for the family and marriage, insofar as God gave me the strength and wisdom to do so, I warned of the extreme danger which results from a wrong understanding of human sexuality. My warnings were rejected, both by society at large and by the pro-family movement, as alarmist, intolerant, and divisive.

I directed my most zealous warnings against what society calls–in the most perverse fashion imaginable–“gay marriage” and “marriage equality.” I warned repeatedly that the acceptance of homosexual “marriage” is little more than a form of collective madness; and that by equating the sterility and harm of homosexual perversion with the fruitfulness and sanctity of marriage, society was dancing on the brink of an abyss. In no sense did I view the legalization of such perversion as progress.

And yet, society outraced my dire warnings. Not content with declaring the abnormal normal, pundits declared the abnormal desirable. Learned men and women proclaimed the sham of “gay marriage” to be as good as, or better than, real marriage. Scholars and academicians claimed that two mothers could be better than one; and that two mustached and bearded men were a model for domesticity for a young, growing girl.

The final act in this farce, or tragedy if you will, is to put a homosexual or lesbian in a position of ultimate authority over a community. [Admitted homosexual Democratic Maine Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud served as grand marshal in the Portland, Maine, “gay pride” parade June 21.]

Maine Democratic Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud led the Portland, Maine "gay pride" parada Saturday.

Maine Democratic Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud, an admitted homosexual, led the Portland, Maine “gay pride” parade Saturday.

A governor does more than promulgate and enforce the laws of the community.  A governor is an exemplar or model for the preferred conduct of his citizens. Ideally, his personal life is a rule or standard that society should emulate, not merely to survive, but to thrive and prosper. But no community can thrive and prosper by encouraging acts which are inimical to life. And foremost among the acts which are inimical to the life and continued existence of a community are homosexuality and abortion. To accept homosexuality and abortion as preferred modes of conduct necessarily renders a community sterile, void, and desolate.

The pro-family movement calls marriage the basic building block of society. I prefer to call it the root and flower of our continued existence. A wrong view of human sexuality poisons society at its very root.

Society may enact whichever laws it chooses; it may elect whomever it will, but the laws of nature and the laws of God remain perfect, eternal, and unchanging.  For society to willfully violate these laws is to invite chaos and sterility, and to make war on the beauty of life. And that is not progressive. That is a calamity.


Michael Heath is the former executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine. He blogs at

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