Janet Mefferd and Peter LaBarbera Discuss HRC’s ‘Export of Hate’ Smear-Report – GLAAD Activist Jeremy Hooper Distorts Interview

Janet_Mefferd_Show_thumbnailFolks, here is the link for my September 26 interview with Christian Salem Radio talk show host Janet Mefferd [Click HERE to listen]. We discussed the Human Rights Campaign’s vicious “Export of Hate” report that smeared me and others in the pro-family movement as dark figures spreading “hate” around the world. In the interview I compared our treatment at the hands of “gay” propagandists to the Nazis’ dehumanization and demonization of Jews.

To make me look extreme, “gay” activist Jeremy Hooper of the powerful homosexual media advocacy group GLAAD absurdly extrapolated from my quotes in the interview to suggest that I was claiming (literally) that pro-family conservatives could expect to be victims of genocide, etc., identical to the Jews. Jeremy’s analytical skills are wanting to say the least–and he mischievously didn’t even include a reference or link to the actual HRC report with its obviously demonizing and dehumanizing graphics–which, after all, was the entire subject of our interview! [See Hooper’s sophomoric and dishonest GLAAD post HERE.]

HRC invents "hate"

MALIGNING PEOPLE OF FAITH: This dehumanizing graphic (of AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera) by the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign in its nasty “Export of Hate” report was the subject of  the Janet Mefferd interview.

I tried to explain on Twitter to Hooper that I was referring to Nazi propaganda that dehumanized Jews, e.g., portraying them as rats, but he would have none of it. Then I asked Mefferd for her response to Hooper’s exaggerated take on our interview, and she responded in an email to me below:

“You clearly made the comparison ONLY in the context of “demonization,” not — by the wildest stretch — in the context of forced incarceration and/or genocide [like the Jews under Hitler]. It would be interesting to have read Jeremy’s analysis about the HRC report itself, but he doesn’t even mention it. And what is that report, if not the intentional demonization of Christian leaders who are standing up for marriage? The crux of the problem is that Jeremy approves of what the HRC wrote, while Christians don’t. Why not just address that subject directly, minus the pejoratives?”

Well stated, Janet. Here’s the link to the interview:

Janet Mefferd with Peter regarding HRC report,9-26-14,Hour3

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