Perkins: Pro-Traditional Marriage GOP Candidates Won Big on Election Day

North Carolina Sen.-elect Thom Tillis.

North Carolina Sen.-elect Thom Tillis.

More great news from Election Day: reports of the death of the Defense-of-Marriage movement as proclaimed by the media and homosexual advocates alike have been greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain. Candidates who stood for marriage as between a man and woman–like those who supported the pro-life cause–did well on Election Day. Here is Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins’ takeaway on the election and “gay marriage.”--Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

P.S. It is worth noting that Perkins himself has been on the receiving end of: countless acts of “gay hate”; “progressive” slanders; and LGBT lies for his defense of marriage–and especially for not backing down against in the culture war over the normalization of homosexuality. We commend him for that.


Perkins writes (emphasis added):

Republican voters don’t just support natural marriage — they expect their candidates to! That was abundantly clear Tuesday, when local exit polls starting streaming in. For conservatives, the data was a gold mine on social issues that will help debunk the Left’s tall tales about the popularity of same-sex “marriage.” In state after state, voters refused to give an inch on marriage — and instead exposed how exaggerated the cultural shift has been.

Despite what the media would have you believe, the public opinion battle has been a bigger one than the Left bargained for — with most Americans’ views barely budging on an institution the courts are so anxious to redefine. A month after a Pew poll showed support for same-sex “marriage” dipping, the issue was front and center in a few key Senate races — including North Carolina, Iowa, and Arkansas.

[North Carolina Senator-elect] Thom Tillis, who, just weeks ago, was down in his race, starting picking up steam when he took a public stand to defend the Tarheels’ marriage amendment (which 57% still support). That’s consistent with the stories in Kansas with Senator Pat Roberts (R) and Iowa, where Joni Ernst never wavered on a topic too many moderates run from. As much as the Republican Establishment hates to admit it, marriage was a key ingredient in the recipe to defeat Democrats.

“The numbers bear that out in at least seven states where pollsters asked the question. Seven out of 10 voters in my home state of Louisiana said they opposed same-sex “marriage,” which is almost identical to their northern neighbors in Arkansas, where 69% rejected the idea. In Virginia, where candidate Ed Gillespie stood with marriage, 53% of Virginians stood with him and disagreed with the move to redefine marriage. South Carolina, home of newly-elected social conservative Senator Tim Scott (R), two-thirds of voters identified with him on marriage. Georgia (62%) and Ohio (a majority) echoed the pro-marriage refrain. Of the exit stats we could find, only Florida was competitive — with the two sides dead even (48% to 48%) on the question.

Of course, this is all consistent with what Americans have said with their ballots — both for and against marriage amendments in their home states. For all the Left’s hype, only three states have actively voted to redefine marriage — which barely adds up to about 5% of the population — hardly the consensus liberals claim it is. Rasmussen, Fox News, and even Politico polling have all shown the debate holding steady despite — or maybe because of — the assault from the courts. As plenty of Tuesday’s candidates will tell you, supporting marriage doesn’t just put you on the right side of history — but the right side of the win column too!

(Tony Perkins’ “Washington Update,” “Voters to GOP: Don’t Falter at the Alter,” Nov. 6, 2014)


Election Webcast: FRC Action produced an excellent webcast Nov. 5 to analyze the 2014 midterm election results from a pro-life and pro-family perspective. Former Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave describes how the pro-life issue won—and the Democrats’ bogus “war on women” polemic failed—helping fuel the GOP landslide. editor-in-chief Terry Jeffrey offers wise counsel to the GOP on the need to defend the sanctity of marriage–and in so doing to inspire young people to pursue virtue and truth. Click HERE to listen to the one-hour webcast.

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