AFTAH Transgender Photo-Story – Bruce Jenner: Don’t Try to Become a Woman!

LaBarbera to decathlete: “Biological men make really bad women” — as another role model embraces the LGBTQueer dark side 

[Jesus said:] “But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.'” (Mark 10:6)

[There is a total of 13 graphics in this piece: WARNING: offensive images]

RESOURCE: Helpful Christian website on Transgender Issues: (by ex-transsexual Walt Heyer)


By Peter LaBarbera

I was 14 in 1976 when Bruce Jenner became first American to win Olympic gold in the Decathlon–and the title of world’s best (amateur) athlete–so here is the triumphant picture I will always have of Jenner in my mind:




For those middle aged like me, remember Jenner’s conquering images on the cover of Wheaties boxes?




And so you can imagine my shock–and that of millions like me who grew up watching the masculine Jenner’s physical feats–that he is reportedly on his way to becoming a transgender “woman.” For the record, no matter what the LGBT-brainwashed media lemmings say, Jenner will ALWAYS be a “he.” He can never become a “woman.” The bottom line is: Biological males make really bad “women,” and vice versa. Anyway, the tabloid magazine In Touch Weekly got tired of waiting for Jenner’s “transgender coming out” and jumped the gun by putting this femmy, photoshopped version of Jenner on its cover:




This was over the top, but who can blame the tabloids for going nuts on the Jenner “transgender” story? Who can blame them for seizing on the Nature-defying insanity of transgenderism– a prime example of mankind’s antics being “stranger than fiction,” as the saying goes. And as for the Left, just know that if you publicly dismiss all this gender-bending as so much decadence and nonsense, be careful as you might be labeled a “transphobe.” (The LGBTQueer movement fought to depathologize homosexuality and gender confusion; now they work to pathologize normalcy and its defenders.)

Below is a shot from the photo-story of the New York Daily News photo-story on Jenner [click HERE to view all 13 photos]:




Here is my tweet yesterday directed at Jenner–whom, I’m afraid, like “Chaz” (formerly Chastity) Bono will become a celebrity spokesman for the Gender Confusion Revolution (click on tweet to enlarge):




See this photo below of Chaz Bono–after having her healthy breasts removed surgically to become like a flat-chested “man.” The liberals in the media and Hollywood refer to Chaz as a “he”–accommodating “trans” people’s “gender identity” is all the politically correct rage–but Bono is not a man and never will be. She is a very confused woman, and we as Christians need to pray for her (and Jenner). Note Bono’s affected macho-ness, the opposite of male-to-female “trans women’s” affected femininity:




Here is Chastity Bono in October 2002, living as a lesbian woman, six years before beginning her radical “gender transition” to fake “manhood,” culminating in her body-disfiguring “sex reassignment surgery.” Like many lesbians, Bono may not have cultivated her natural feminine beauty but it was there all along. Surely it must have been difficult having the diva Cher as a mom, but clearly this is no “man”:




The innocence of youth: here is Chastity Bono as a young girl on the set of the “Sonny and Cher” show acting opposite Kermit the Frog. As a teenager, Bono befriended and then later became lovers with an adult lesbian friend of her mother, Cher. Without a doubt, Chastity’s atypical, morally-challenged Hollywood upbringing influenced her sexual- and then gender confusion and then rebellion against God and Nature. How tragic that this beautiful girl grew up to become the man-imitating “Chaz”:




Modern liberalism is morally corrupt and wars against the Natural Moral Law and its divine Author. And so many on the Left love to promote the “next big thing” raging against Judeo-Christian norms and common sense. Thus we should not be surprised to see the same liberal-dominated American media that “mainstreamed” homosexualism now promoting extreme gender confusion, even among the very young. Here is a boy in a dress photographed as part of 2013 Slate photo-story about a “gender non-conforming camp for boys”:




For decades, social leftists and LGBTQueer organizations like PFLAG (Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Gays) have been promoting gender confusion among youth. Here is the cover of a booklet titled “Our Trans Children” offered by PFLAG for many years. Click to read the PDF version of a 2007 edition of the booklet HERE.




“Hormone intervention” for kids?

The following is an excerpt from the same PFLAG booklet. Note the section that we have bolded–which sort of advocates offsetting puberty through “hormone intervention.” I don’t know about you, but I find this horrifying. It is one thing if adults want to destroy their bodies in a futile quest to change their God-given sex. It is quite another to allow–or to assist–a child in preventing his or her natural development using drugs:

“What is transgender hormonal therapy?

“Transgender hormonal therapy is the administration of estrogen in MTF [Male-to-Female] trans people and testosterone in FTM [Female-to-Male] trans people to develop the secondary sexual characteristics associated with their gender identity. For some, this second adolescence feels like coming home, while others struggle with the moodiness and physiological changes. Depending on age and other factors, hormonal therapy can take several months to many years to effect the physical changes that produce a passable appearance. It is not without risks and should not be done without medical supervision. However, many trans people self-medicate, obtaining their hormones on the streets, from friends or via the internet.

“Transmen seem to gain a passing appearance rather quickly. Testosterone causes their voices to deepen and their facial and body hair to develop, but does not add much to their height. For transwomen, it generally takes longer to pass in their inherent gender, since estrogen will not raise their vocal range or remove their facial or body hair, which must be done through electrolysis or laser treatment. Once a passing appearance is attained, most trans people choose to keep their transgender status private, which is often called living in stealth.

“In children and adolescents, another type of hormone intervention is possible but not yet widely prescribed in the U.S. A trans child can be treated with puberty blockers to suppress development of the secondary sexual characteristics of the birth sex. As the child matures, should they reconsider their gender identity, the intervention can be discontinued and puberty in their assigned birth sex will resume. When a youth is provided with this intervention, they are ultimately able to avoid many of the procedures adult trans people undergo. A teen also can be offered hormone treatment to allow them to experience puberty congruent with their gender identity. However, this early treatment is only undertaken after careful consideration by counselors and physicians, and informed consent is given by the parents and the youth. It requires close monitoring by a specialist in pediatric endocrinology, and only a few specialists currently provide it in the United States.”


Yes, ideas have consequences. Below is a photo of a post-chest-surgery, female-to-male “transman” marching in a “pride” parade. This photo of a woman who (like Chaz Bono) had her healthy breasts surgically removed to appear like the “man” she wants to be. It was shot by MassResistance, a leading pro-family group run by my good friend, Brian Camenker:




Finally, some good news

Walt Heyer as the man God intended him to be.

Restored manhood: Walt Heyer as the man God intended him to be. See his website,

I’ve given you a lot of bad news. Now here’s some good news: men and women have overcome the deviant pull of transgenderism in their lives. Walt Heyer is a Christian and former male-to-female transgender who is now living his life as God intended–as a man. AFTAH did a four-part radio interview with Heyer, who has dedicated his life to helping others avoid his mistakes (Heyer went through the body-disfiguring “sex reassignment” surgery).

Heyer’s most recent book is titled, “Gender, Lies and Suicide: A Whistleblower Speaks Out,” is available on Amazon. Here is a description of the book–also available on Heyer’s website,

In GENDER, LIES AND SUICIDE, Walt Heyer analyzes the issues which fuel the tragedy of transgender suicide and shares selected stories from the many people who write him seeking to undo the tragic consequences from their decision to change genders.

Transgenders undergo hormone injections and irreversible surgeries in a desperate effort to feel better. The media and transgender activists claim the radical treatment is successful and regret is rare, yet at the same time, they report that transgenders, even after treatment, are attempting and committing suicide at an alarming rate.

Back in 1979, Dr. Charles Ihlenfeld, a close colleague of Dr. Harry Benjamin, the father of the transgender movement in the U.S., reported that 80% of those seeking a sex change should not have one; frequently too many of them committed suicide.

GENDER, LIES AND SUICIDE reveals how today, many decades later, the suicides continue.

Please support Walt by buying his easy-to-read book and educating yourself on the destructive “transgender” agenda in its many manifestations.

Walt Heyer back when he was embracing a female identity. Trauma in Walt's boyhood youth--including a grandmother who would dress him up as a girl in dress--contributed to his adult "transgender" confusion.

Gender-confused past–“Laura”: Walt Heyer back when he was embracing a false female identity. Trauma in Walt’s boyhood youth–including a grandmother who would dress him up as a girl–contributed to his adult “transgender” confusion. Get his new book, “Gender, Lies and Suicide” HERE.

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