Why Hasn’t the Southern Poverty Law Center Designated Dan Savage a Hateful Extremist?

Homosexual leftist sends vulgar tweet to Dr. Ben Carson; Savage tells Duggars (and many others including AFTAH’s LaBarbera) to “F–k Off”

WARNING: Although we have blocked most of Dan Savage’s hateful profanity, this article contains offensive words and images as evidence of “gay” activist hate


LEFT-WING HATE GETS AN SPLC PASS: Only an absurdly biased “hate” arbiter like the SPLC would call Dr. Ben Carson an “extremist” yet ignore “gay” activist and anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage’s long record of viciously hateful antics. Savage (right) recently sent a vulgar, crude tweet to Dr. Carson (see below) because he was upset that Carson opined that homosexuality is a choice. The “Google Santorum” image on Savage’s t-shirt from this dated photo refers to the despicable “Santorum.com” campaign that Savage launched “redefining” Sen. Rick Santorum’s name as a disgusting byproduct of sodomy (see below). Despite Savage’s contemptible antics–he once intentionally tried to give a cold to then-GOP presidential candidate Gary Bauer by licking the doorknobs of Bauer’s campaign office–he has NEVER been cited for “hate” or “extremism” by the “anti-bias” Southern Poverty Law Center. Meanwhile, the SPLC called Dr. Carson an “extremist” and carefully monitors Carson’s public remarks for evidence of “hate.”

AFTAH is working to expose the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and other “anti-bias” and “diversity” charlatans on the Left. We are in an information-gathering stage of a project to expose and confront the SPLC’s wicked and bigoted “hate” narrative. (The SPLC has smeared AFTAH and many other pro-family organizations as “hate groups.”) The SPLC’s magazine, “Teaching Tolerance,” is sent at no charge to more than 450,000 educators–many in taxpayer-funded public schools–across the United States and Canada. The SPLC boasts that in addition, “tens of thousands of educators use our free curricular kits.” Contact your local K-12 schools–elementary, middle and high schools (public and private) — and inquire about the the use of “Teaching Tolerance” and other SPLC resources such as their new “anti-bias” curriculum, “Perspectives For a Diverse America.” Convey your concern about the SPLC’s egregious bias and please share your findings with AFTAH at americansfortruth@gmail.com or to Brad Wallis at connops@yahoo.com. Phone AFTAH at 312-324-3787.


Why Hasn’t the SPLC Designated Dan Savage a Hateful “Extremist”?

By Peter LaBarbera

It says all you need to know about the Southern Poverty Law Center’s warped, arbitrary and maliciously unfair “hate” labeling system that the SPLC has never designated vulgar homosexual activist Dan Savage (or any homosexual activist, for that matter) as a hateful “extremist.” On Wednesday, after reports that Dr. Ben Carson affirmed that choice is involved in homosexuality (citing homosexual behavior by “straights” in prison), Savage tweeted this to Dr. Carson (blocked with a rainbow flag for decency here):


Here is a tweet where Dan Savage says “[F–k] the Duggars” because he was upset at the Christian family’s role in helping to pass a Fayetteville, Arkansas referendum preserving religious liberty (again, we blocked the F-word):


Here is Savage’s evil “Google-bomb” creation to redefine Sen. Rick Santorum’s last name as the byproduct of sodomy. This graphic is still found when you enter “Santorum.com” (as of March 6, 2105); Savage’s parallel “SpreadingSantorum” site–which comes up when you click the link in the nasty graphic below–comes up fifth on a Google search of “Santorum.” The graphic reads:

santorum (san-TOR-um) n. 1. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”


Here the hateful Savage uses his standard F-bomb line against Josh Duggar:


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