RACIST ‘GAYS’ – Sorba Undercover Video Shows Barney Frank’s ‘Husband’ Jim Ready Taking Drugs, Joking about Offering Blacks Watermelon for Votes

Folks, here is my friend Ryan Sorba’s second undercover video exposing homosexual activists’ hypocrisy and, in this case, racism. It was published June 2, 2015. The first video, showing homosexuals telling how they were not “born gay” but molested when they were young. is available HERE. Please donate to Ryan’s efforts HERE. See his extended comments on the irrationality of homosexual “marriage” following the video. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera; AFTAH Facebook Page: HERE

Below is Ryan’s introduction to the video:

Last month I went undercover and discovered that many gays attribute their sexual orientation to molestation or other traumatic life experiences. While I was investigating I heard quite a few racist comments. The comments prompted me to initiate a second investigation into the subject of homosexuality and race. What I found was once again shocking. Although the homosexual movement has attempted to link itself to the black civil rights movement, racism still runs rampant in a community that supposedly espouses equal treatment. [continued after video and page jump…]

Published on Jun 2, 2015

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[Commentary by Ryan Sorba, continued from above…]

But is homosexuality on par with race?

According to many members of the gay community as well as black civil rights activists, it is not.

A Rational Definition of Marriage

My hope is that this video is seen by each member of the United States Supreme Court. I hope each Justice takes this vitally important information into account before casting their final votes for marriage. I hope they will support the rational definition of marriage, summarized here.

Human nature is rational. Birds fly. Man reasons.

There are two rational/natural ends of the reproductive organs in act:
1. Reproduction
2. Bonding with your spouse so that you stay together the entire time required to educate your kids

Together these two rational purposes of the reproductive organs, reproduction and unity-in-the-interest-of-educating-your-­kids, constitute the essence of rational marriage.

The only rebuttal to this is “infertility.”

Infertility however is just like blindness. It simply means something is blocking the organs from actualizing their full potential. It doesn’t change the rational purpose of the organs. Therefore infertile marriages suffer from “accidental privations” (deficiencies) not substantial ones. In other words infertile marriages, are merely different in particular, not principle.

Self-marriage, self-group marriage (multiple personalities) same-sex marriage, marrying inanimate objects and bestiality are all different in PRINCIPLE, not merely particular.

Other differences in particular can be deficient forms of marriage, as in the cases of incest and polygamy, which can be rational under certain conditions, like when populations are dangerously low. For example:

1. If you were the last man on earth we would ask that you enter into a deficient form of marriage, or in other words mate with whomever is available in order to save the whole human race, even if it means incest and/or polygamy
2. If your tribe or race was on the verge of extinction, we would ask that you enter into a deficient form of marriage in order to save your people from extinction.
3. Etc.

Differences in principle, however, can never be considered marriage, under any circumstance. Again, these are examples of things that are different in principle:

1. Self-marriage
2. Self-group marriage (multiple personalities)
3. Same-sex marriage,
4. Marrying inanimate objects
5. Bestiality

I concede that deficient forms of marriage are subject to civil law and the needs or lack thereof, of the times, but that which is not marriage cannot be called marriage at any time.–Ryan Sorba

See original YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/7quQKT0gelw

See Sorba’s “Not Born Gay” video HERE 

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