Statements by Hackett, Costello and Komaniecki on Chicago S&M ‘Perversion Museum’ – Leather Archives


Joyce Kilmer Elementary School (right) is located on Greenview Ave., just three blocks from the deviance-honoring “museum,” Leather Archives (left), which sits at 6418 N. Greenview Ave., near Devon Ave., in  Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Two other public schools are also within walking distance of the mainly homosexual-oriented sadomasochistic perversion “museum”–which celebrates “fisting’ and other depraved homosexual acts, including porn that eroticizes adult-child sadistic sex. See AFTAH PDF Flier about the despicable “museum” HERE.

The following statements were issued by Illinois pro-family leaders at the Americans For Truth press event held May 22, 2015 directly in front of the Leather Archives & Museum at 6418 N. Greenview Ave., down the street from Joyce Kilmer Elementary School, in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. Links to related stories on the LA&M S&M “Perversion Musuem” are at bottom:

Mary Anne Hackett, President, Catholic Citizens of Illinois:

“We were shocked to hear that there is a museum in a Chicago neighborhood, Leather Archives & Museum, dedicated to celebrating obscene and offensive sexual practices. Does tolerance have any limits? Are families supposed to welcome a museum dedicated to perversion in their neighborhood? Can parents protect the innocence of their children from exposure to behaviors that should not even be practiced or celebrated in private? The Leather Archives & Museum is located in a neighborhood of families. Children walk to the Joyce Kilmer Elementary School and the Roger C. Sullivan High School within blocks of the ‘Museum.’

“This weekend, the annual International Mr. Leather convention will take place in Chicago and it is anticipated that thousands of homosexuals will arrive in our city to ‘celebrate’ this event. We call upon the Mayor of Chicago and the people of Chicago to stand against the degradation of our communities and to uphold standards of decency to protect families and children.”


Nick Costello, Board Member, Catholic Citizens of Illinois:

“The ‘cultural’ underpinning the Leather Archives & Museum reflects the general disintegration of our sexual sanity as a nation. Of course, proponents of this “leather” deviance (rooted in sadomasochism) will present it with a smile as harmless sexual expression, while hiding the harmful effects spiritually, psychologically, and physically on those who practice it. This museum should be nowhere near Joyce Kilmer Elementary School and area parents must be put on notice. If the proprietors do not have the decency to close this ‘museum’ or relocate to an area unfrequented by children, then area parents have every right and duty to demand it. May God’s Holy Spirit lead us to a just and peaceful resolution to this pitiful situation!”

Jim Komaniecki, Founder and President, Restore American Liberty:

Jim Komaniecki, President of, Inc., and 35-year Chicago resident calls for all Chicago families to rise up in opposition to pagan political leaders of both parties who give visible aid and comfort to deviant sexual lifestyles which threaten our children and the bright futures we envision for them. Rahm Emmanuel, Mayor of Chicago, is a stark example of the elite political class currently giving cover to the sexualization of our children. His endorsements of same-sex “marriage” and homosexual lifestyles associated with deadly diseases such as AIDS have rendered him unfit to lead.

Recently he touted such deviant practices as being indicative of what he termed “Chicago values,” which should outrage every resident of this fine American city. The United States of America was founded as a Judeo-Christian nation, and we call upon all residents of Chicago to stand for the values that built our country and to reject those so-called “leaders” who would in-fact distract us away from our successful traditions and toward the gates of Hell itself. The freedom of all Americans depends upon the virtue of our citizens. We call for Chicago residents to secure our liberties by the virtue of their voices, loudly rejecting the sexual deviancy advocated by Rahm Emmanuel and other misguided people like him. Let us unite in eliminating sexual threats to our children. It’s time to make Chicago a “filth-free” zone, and to reject the dark scars in our community like the Leather Archives & Museum.


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