62 Common Sense Truths in the Fight Against Homosexualism and Transgenderism

WARNING: Offensive language in one photo

This list of common sense truths and reality-based, biblically faithful observations is not comprehensive, and we’ll be adding to it. There is some overlap in the points. Send us your ideas to americansfortruth@gmail.com. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH.org


By Peter LaBarbera


It’s the Behavior, Stupid…And the behavior is dangerous. This 2011 CDC slide shows the disproportionately high correlation between homosexual behavior and HIV among young men ages 13-24. See this AFTAH article. Nature itself discriminates against homosexual behaviors. Click to enlarge.

1) It’s always about the behavior, stupid. No, I’m not calling you stupid. This is a variation on the political slogan regarding voters’ motivations: “It’s the economy, stupid.” What we can observe and what we can analyze is behavior: we cannot decipher people’s thoughts. “Orientation” is a self-serving homosexual activist construct. It is homosexual *behavior* that is destructive, unnatural and spreads disease, e.g, the direct connection between male homosexual behavior and HIV and syphilis. People change their behavior all the time. That must be our focus.

2) Homosexuality is what you do, not who you are. (Gary Glenn, Michigan pro-family legislator)

3 Defending historic Judeo-Christian morality is not bigotry or “hate.”

3a) Corollary: Those who hate Truth, call Truth “hate.” (origin unknown)

3b) Corollary: To label the defense of biblical and moral truth “hate” is itself hateful.

3c) Corollary: There are few groups as hateful and intolerant as LGBTQueer activists.

3d) The people who are quickest to falsely charge others with “hate” are often the most hateful activists in society.

4) Apply the “Sexual Sin Substitution Test” for Moral Clarity: Substitute another sin for the word *gay* in any debate, discussion or media story about homosexuality and see if it makes sense, biblically-speaking. Also apply it: “sexual orientation,” “homophobia,” “transgender,” etc. (You can also substitute a non-sexual sin.) Most of modern thinking in the culture, politics and the Church fails this Substitution Test. For example, when was the last time you heard a major Christian leader apologizing to pornography-users and porn activists–as Southern Baptist leaders recently did to homosexuals. Here in Chicago, “progressive” Christian Andy Marin takes this to an extreme with his Marin Institute’s “I’m sorry” campaign–holding signs with that message at the city’s annual debauched homosexual Pride Parades.

S-S-S Test applied: There are no “Adultery Pride Parades.” Nobody gets accused of being of being an *incest-phobe.* I’ve never heard a guy appeal to his *lustful orientation.* There are no Porn-using Republicans groups that draw the support of leading conservatives and GOP  politicians (like the homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans). And the president doesn’t make official declarations and speeches celebrating annual *Fornicators Pride Month.*

6) Don’t deny Jesus Transforming Power: Every person ever born, except Jesus Christ, has or had a sinful “orientation.” (Jeremiah 17:9) To deny that we are sinners is to deny God. To deny that homosexual behavior is a sin is to deny God’s Word, the Bible. To deny that God can help people overcome the sinful pull of homosexuality is to deny Jesus Christ and His transforming power.

7) Never concede language to LGBTQ revolutionaries. Deconstruct “Gay-Speak”–because he who controls the language controls the debate: When you hear *Equality* think radical, government-imposed egalitarianism. *Equality* has become the politically correct buzzword for a leftist social agenda that eliminates natural distinctions between man and woman. LGBTQueer “equality,” so-called, undermines historic behavioral and moral, biblical normal norms by promoting sexual perversion and extreme gender confusion and rebellion as *civil rights.*

STILL A MAN: Bruce Jenner (posing for Vanity Fair as "Caitlyn" above) is a biological male who wants to live as a woman--and claim that fictitious identity despite his male DNA.Calling Bruce a "she" perpetuates the lies of the gender radicals.

STILL A MAN: Bruce Jenner (posing for Vanity Fair as “Caitlyn” above) is a biological male who wants to live as a woman–and claim that fictitious identity despite his male DNA.Calling Bruce a “she” perpetuates the lies of the gender radicals. Note: most transsexuals, unlike Jenner, do not posses millions of dollars and the connections to “become” their opposite-sex persona.


8) LANGUAGE: Don’t bow to the Transgender Pronoun Police: use “he, him, his” for biological males, and “she, her, her” for biological females. To cave in to the transgender and media activists spreads gender confusion in society and corrupts your own soul, one lie at a time.

9) The LGTBQueer movement engenders *mass lying* on a frightening scale. (Ed Hunter)  Not just the language. Being Politically Correct on homosexual and transgender issues is turning us all into liars–because we are repeating anti-biblical lies, sometimes effortlessly due to ubiquitous pro-LGBT propaganda in the media-influenced culture.

10) Nature discriminates against homosexual behavior and transsexualism. Two people of the same sex cannot produce a child by themselves. Homosexual behavior is linked disproportionately to a number of STD, as we would expect.

11) To *feel* is not to be. You can rise above your feelings and sinful temptations. Indeed, this is the calling of true Christianity.

12) Every human being has control over and is responsible before the Creator  God for his or her own sexual behavior.

13) Homosexualism is essentially a Sin Movement. This is not about “civil rights” but rather human wrongs.

It is wrong to corrupt children by encouraging them to embrace sex and gender confusion. This photo appeared in a Slate story about "transgender" children.

TARGET: CHILDREN: It is wrong to corrupt children by encouraging them to embrace sex and gender confusion. This photo appeared in a Slate story about “transgender” children.

14) CORRUPTING CHILDREN: to promote immoral unnatural and destructive sexual and gender behaviors and identities to children is immoral. manipulative, unjust, an abuse of trust, and evil. Yet this is the modus operandi of homosexual activist groups such as the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and Human Rights Campaign.

15) BEING YOUNG IS NO EXCUSE FOR CONDONING SIN: All the polls show young people as supporting homosexual agenda items like same-sex “marriage.” But young people do not get to change God’s biblical, time-honored moral Truths simply because they are young.

16) Sexual morality comes from God–it is not man’s invention. It is not a fad that can be discarded like yesterday’s outdated software. Changing transcendent moral truth’s is impossible and above man’t pay grade.

17) Corollary: MORALITY IS NOT POLL-DRIVEN: Truth is not about popularity. The truth about homosexualism gender confusion and other moral issues is not decided by a poll.

18) God is not a respecter of political parties: Republican homosexualism does not get a pass. Some conservatives act as if somehow Republican support of homosexualism is less offensive to our Creator than the Democratic variety. Not so.

19) The homosexual and transgender (transsexual, transvestite) movements have always been joined at the hip. They separate only for the sake of political expediency.

20) Get beyond emotions: HAVE A FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER WHO IS LIVING HOMOSEXUALLY (“GAY”)? First, let’s rephrase for clarity: Do you have a friend or family member who struggles with the sin of homosexuality and who has embraced a false LGBTQ identity in defiance of Nature and God’s holy Word? (Do you see why *GaySpeak* is so dangerous?) You must not lay your emotions overrule Truth in reaching out to your friend/relative worth Truth. [See S-S-S Test above.]

21) SAME TRUTH: Just because your friend or relative is a nice person doesn’t make homosexual behavior OK.

22) Same Truth: Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you love all their behaviors  do not allow someone’s embrace of bad behavior dictate your attitude toward that sinful behavior.

23) HOMOSEXUAL ROLE-MODELS? It’s wrong to model immoral behavior to children. People practicing homosexuality and other LGBTQ perversions in the home are poor role models because they are modeling immoral conduct–homosexuality and/or gender rebellion–to those young people closest to them. And of course children have no say in the matter.

24) Children deserve a mom and a dad whenever possible.

25) The sexes are not interchangeable. A second homosexual “dad” cannot replace a mom in a child’s life. A second “mother” cannot replace a Dad in a child’s life.

26) Homosexual parenting is unique in that it INTENTIONALLY places innocent children in motherless or fatherless homes–with “parents” modeling sin and sexual deviance as normal and good.


America Can’t Handle THIS Truth: promotion poster for one of San Francisco’s outdoor perversion street festivals. It is sometimes hard to convey the evil of organized homosexuality to people who cannot conceive of such wicked and vile behaviors.

27) Often the evil of the homosexual and transgender activist movements eclipses the ability of pro-family advocates to explain it to the public. Examples: the public perversions and nudity of San Francisco’s annual Folsom Street Fair;  shocking, body-disfiguring transsexual “Sex Reassignment Surgeries”; and homosexual activist Dan Savage’s vile, filthy rants against Christians. You could put 20 of the smartest conservatives in America in a room and charge them with coming up with something to hurt the “gay” movement–and they wouldn’t have come up with NAMBLA–the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association, which marched in early “gay pride” parades before it was banned by savvy homosexual activists as a PR nightmare.

28) Naturally, homosexual activists and gender rebels want their deviant sexual and gender behaviors to spread to the larger heterosexual world. For example: the campaign to promote anal sodomy as an acceptable act between between men and women. That helps take the stigma off of them and their sinful behaviors it helps them become normal as Society degrades to their level.

29) FALSE CHURCHES PROMOTE SIN: Many homosexuals actually do want to be left alone and don’t care about same-sex  “marriage” or other aspects of the “gay”/transgender agenda. But they don’t run the LGBTQ movement.

30) Any church that embraces homosexual so-called “marriage” or celebrates homosexuality as an identity or the basis for positive “rights” is by definition a false church.

31) Homosexualism and transsexualism– which advocates the destruction of healthy bodily organs–are inherently anti-life. Self self-defined pro-life citizens should not promote the normalization of homosexuality and gender confusion.

32) 11th Commandment of Fighting Big Gay Inc: Never exaggerate the homosexual-bisexual-transgender-“queer” (LGBTQueer) agenda. It’s radical enough on its own: exaggerations only destroy YOUR credibility as a truth advocate, thus advancing the LGBTQueer agenda.

33) 12th Commandment for Fighting Big Gay Inc: it is wrong to promote one social evil in the process of fighting another. If you are opposing the legalization of homosexual “marriage”–and yet helping to normalize homosexual relationships and false LGBTQ identities at the same time– you need to reevaluate your actions. If you are pro-life and yet pro-“gay marriage,” you are violating this “commandment.”

34) OTHER NATIONS, TAKE NOTE: Homosexualism and Transgenderism advance incrementally. LGBTQ activists are happy for every concession they can get. They will use it to win larger concessions. Two examples: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which paved the way for open homosexuals–and now transsexuals–in the military. And “civil unions” and “domestic partners” laws and corporate policies, which were a strategic stepping-stone to homosexual “marriage.”

35) LOVE HOMOSEXUALS ENOUGH TO TELL THEM THE TRUTH: As Christians, we need to love people trapped in homosexuality and gender confusion enough to tell them the truth: that they are not inherently “gay” nor destined to embrace homosexual lifestyles. We must share with them the Gospel (Good News)–that they can leave homosexual behavior and gender confusion behind with the help of Jesus Christ, as so many ex-“gay,” ex-lesbian and ex-“transgender” men and women have.

36) You cannot base human and civil “rights” on moral wrongs: destructive homosexual and gender-confused behavior.

Christian photographers Elaine and Jon Huguenin lost their freedom NOT to validate anti-biblical homosexual "marriages" after being sued by two lesbians for declining a photo-shoot at their "commitment ceremony."

Losing Our Liberty: Christian photographers Elaine and Jon Huguenin lost their freedom NOT to validate anti-biblical homosexual “marriages” after being sued by two lesbians for declining a photo-shoot at their “commitment ceremony.”

37) Homosexual “rights” and Americans’ First Amendment and religious liberties are fundamentally incompatible. Hence the proliferation of cases pitting Christians’ freedom of conscience–wedding cake makers and T-shirt small businesses–against

38) (Corollary). There is no greater social force in America today than the LGBTQueer movement working to *criminalize Christianity*–i.e., as it applies to people acting upon the Bible’s crystal clear prohibitions on homosexual conduct.

39) Christians do not have a “special right” to oppose homosexualism, sexual sin and gender confusion. EVERY American whether religious or not has the right to embrace and defend normality and time-tested moral truths.

40) STAY CONSISTENT ON SEXUAL SIN: All sex outside of the bonds of marriage is wrong. Just because Americans are resisting the powerful and well-funded Homosexual Lobby does not mean that we should not be concerned about, or fail to oppose, other sexual sins, e.g., fornication, adultery and pornography and cavalier divorce.

41) WAR ON NORMAL: Why is it OK for a man to embrace PRO-homosexual change yet not OK for him to leave homosexual perversion behind and embrace normalcy and a life of wholesome, godly sexual behavior honoring to his Creator?

42) (Corollary) Why is gender identity fluid and sexual identity rigid (unchangeable)?

43) Men make bad “women,” and women make bad “men.” Transgenderism is another Big Lie spread by the corrupt media and academia. Bruce (“Caitlyn”) Jenner will never be a “woman” and Chastity (“Chaz”) Bono will never be a man.

As a child, Chastity Bono was a beautiful girl/ How did she end up as "Chaz"--attempting to be the man she can never be?

As a child, Chastity Bono was a beautiful girl. How did she end up as “Chaz”–attempting to be the man she can never be?

44) Biological males should never be allowed in woman’s restrooms or locker rooms–period. Just because a man is confused enough to believe he is a woman does not give him the right to invade invade woman’s private spaces.

45) Like other radicals, homosexual and transgender activists engage in strategic lying. Example: “born gay” propaganda  [See Point —] and the decades-long myth that homosexuals constitute “10 Percent” of American or any given society.

46) The campaign to normalize homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transsexualism, sadomasochism, etc. is a Revolution–NOT a “civil rights” struggle. And most revolutions are destructive.

47) “Civil unions” and other failed attempts at appeasement: “If you give homosexual activists an inch, they will take a mile. And if you give them a mile, they will take the final inch.” (Matt Barber). In other words, “civil unions”– state recognition of homosexual relationships without allowing them to be called “marriage”–is a gigantic capitulation, not a reasonable compromise. Cunning LGBT activists only used Civil Unions as a stepping stone to legalized homosexual “marriage.” Other nations: beware and learn from America!

48) Know Scott Lively’s 5 stages of homosexualist advancement in a culture:

  1. Tolerance 
  2. Acceptance
  3. Celebration
  4. “Forced participation in gay culture”; and
  5. Punishment of dissenters. 

We are in stages 3, 4 and 5 now in America.

49) LANGUAGE: (Corollary) two people of the same sex cannot “have children”– but they can *acquire* children, displacing impressionable kids and homes that are motherless or fatherless by design.

Stephen Black left the homosexual lifestyle and is now happily married and a father.

Stephen Black left the homosexual lifestyle and is now happily married and a father. We know why the liberal media will not report on stories like his.

50) LANGUAGE: “Marriage Equality” is another misleading LGBTQ euphemism. It’s not marriage and it’s not *equal* to real marriage in any way. But calling it “marriage equality” fits the homosexual lobby’s “equality” frame and turns a de facto evil into a “rights” issue. History is our guide here: much wickedness and social injustice have been carried out in the name of radical egalitarianism.

51) Corollary: LANGUAGE: never write homosexual “marriage” without using quote marks. Because words matter and we should not degrade that word by attaching it to sinful homosexual relationships.

52) INSULTING RACE COMPARISON: Comparing people practicing homosexuality and gender confusion to race is a grave insult to Black Americans and the noble civil rights movement. Homosexualism is about rationalizing and proudly practicing sexual immorality. Skin color is an unchangeable, innocuous trait.

52. a) Stop comparing homosexualism to race because BOTH racism and homosexualism are sins.

53) EX-“GAY” REALITY: there are no “ex-Blacks” or “ex-Bispanics”–but there are thousands of happy and successful former homosexuals.

54) LANGUAGE: NOT A “COMMUNITY”: Embracing sexual misbehavior and gender confusion are not in reality a (healthy) “community,” an “ethnicity” or a “culture.”

55) Corollary: It’s not “who your are”: the false identities of homosexuality and gender-confusion.  In reality, homosexuality is not “who you are” but rather who you AREN’T. Our bodies speak to our nature. Men were never intended to have sex (commit sodomy) with other men, nor women with women.

Could any sane person make up "fisting," a homosexual perversion? Above, this "Fisting Manual" is one of the items in Chicago's "Leather Archives" museum.

Could any sane person make up “fisting,” a revolting and dangerous homosexual perversion? Above, this “Fisting Manual” is one of the items in Chicago’s “Leather Archives” museum–essentially a “museum” for sadomasochism and sexual perversion. NEVER exaggerate the radical homosexual agenda. We would expect such vile perversions to flow out of and to be disproportionately represented in the Sin Movement that calls itself “gay.”

55. a) LANGUAGE: “COMING OUT” INTO TRUTH, OR INTO SPIRITUAL DARKNESS? When people publicly and proudly embrace their homosexuality or gender confusion, they are not *coming out* of darkness (i.e., the dark closet) into truth. Rather, they are coming INTO a special kind of spiritual darkness that rejects transcendent Truth with public lies. In other words they become an evangelist of sorts for a lie that griefs heart of God– that their very identity is based on a sin.

56) Corollary: the only “Coming Out” worth celebrating is when men and women COME OUT of sinful homosexual behavior and a distorted self-identity and into embracing the Truth of God’s Word.

57) LANGUAGE: HOMOSEXUALISM: We use *homosexualism* because the campaigns to normalize homosexuality and transsexuality and other sex/gender deviancies are first and foremost ideological and political.

58) LANGUAGE: DEMONIZING OPPONENTS: as a way to validate their life choices nad LGBTQ ideology, homosexual and transgender activists are driven to change the language to accommodate their perversion and to demonize and stigmatize those who defend normalcy.

59) LANGUAGE (Corollary): Disagreement is not fear: NOT “Homophobes”? We don’t possess an irrational *fear* of proud homosexuality or people practicing it. We simply oppose it because as the immoral and destructive life choice that it is.

60) THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD (BY THE MEDIA): EX-HOMOSEXUALS:  EX-“gay” men and women who have left homosexuality and gender confusion behind in their lives give the lie to the LGBTQ idea that homosexuality and other deviant identities are “who you are.”

61) Deviance begets deviance: it should be expected that a sexual perversion movement–homosexualism–would be disproportionately represented in the other perverse movements, e.g., sadomasochism, pedophilia (sex between adults and children), incest, pornography and gender confusion.

62) We must not completely take the *choice” out of homosexuality: the causation of homosexuality and gender confusion are complex. But people make the CHOICE to embrace homosexuality or gender rebellion. If Americans are repeatedly subjected to the idea that “Homosexuality is not a choice”–they will conclude that the person is not responsible for his or her homosexual behavior. Each of us has a choice in challenging areas of our life to choose whether to follow God or the pull of sin. This does not mean that some people faced terrible circumstances in their childhood (e.g., molestation or abusive parenting) that made it easier for them to embrace homosexuality or gender confusion as a lifestyle.

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