What Homosexual Agenda? Seven Moral Issue Questions that Should Be Asked in the GOP Primary Race


TRUMP THEN AND NOW: In this 2000 interview with the homosexual magazine The Advocate, businessman Donald Trump supported adding homosexuality to the Civil Rights Act–a stance that allowed him to cast himself as more pro-“gay” than the leading Democratic presidential contender at the time, Sen. Bill Bradley. [Click HERE to read the entire Advocate interview.] The media have mostly ignored asking direct questions about the homosexual activist agenda in the GOP campaign.

By Peter LaBarbera

[Note: this article was update March 1, 2016]

Warning: Contains a brief description and graphic of (horrifying) transsexual surgeries that the LGBT Lobby is pushing to be funded by the taxpayers

Have you noticed that homosexual “marriage,” the nutty “transgender” issue–think big-boned men in gaudy dresses and pumps invading girls’ restrooms–and morality in general have been largely ignored in the Republican primary campaign?

This is no accident: a combination of the dominant media’s secular-Left bias; “establishment” Republicans working to keep those pesky social issues off the table; America’s disobedient drift away from God and biblical Truth; and creeping libertarianism and feminism have combined to push moral issues out of the debate in this crucial 2016.

The problem is, when issues are shunned by the media and in an extended electoral contests it becomes difficult to build and grow support for the Truth position on these issues. The LGBT Lobby knows this intuitively, which is why they labor to BAN opposition and shut down critical voices in the media (see GLAAD’s “Commentator Accountability Project” listing of this writer for showing “extreme animus towards the entire LGBT community”).

The minions of Big Gay Inc understand that if tens of millions of Americans were actually introduced through media to men and women who have successfully left homosexuality behind—people like DJ Foster, Greg Quinlan and Janet Boynes–it would dramatically undermine the LGBT media-narrative that people are inherently (born) “gay.”

Seeing homosexuality as a Changeable-Behavior issue would in turn help everyday people understand that unlike ethnic “minorities,” people practicing homosexuality can leave that category because it is not permanent (e.g., like skin color). Thus, accommodating people with “rights” based on their supposedly immutable “sexual orientation” is not “civil rights” and in fact directly leads to conflicts between “gay rights” and religious liberty. (See this excellent piece by Peter Sprigg dissecting Justice Anthony Kennedy’s unfounded claim that homosexuality is “immutable,” in his Obergefell ruling “nationalizing” homosexual “marriage.”)

Here are some questions and moral themes I’d like to see pursued in debates or political discussions:

1) Trump and Adultery? Suppose in that now-infamous initial Fox News GOP presidential debate, instead of asking Donald Trump a question about his alleged meanness toward Rosie O’Donnell, Fox’s Megyn Kelly had asked Trump about his self-admitted adulteries with married women and having a very public affair while he was married? Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) rightly tweeted to Trump:

“You brag about many affairs w/ married women. Have you repented? To harmed children & spouses? Do you think it matters?”


Does Adultery Matter? Sen. Ben Sasse’s (R-NE) Jan. 24, tweet to Donald Trump.

(Note how conservative neo-feminist Kelly opted for the “anti-women” angle over the moral—call it “anti-God”–angle; to read this writer’s in-depth report on Fox News’ pro-homosexual bias, click HERE.)

2) Rubio on Abortion vs. Rubio on Homosexual Agenda? How about a question to Marco Rubio about reports that his campaign staff held regular meetings with Log Cabin Republicans—a homosexual activist group that is trying to rebrand the GOP as a “gay”-affirming party? Why is Rubio so principled in his opposition to abortion (he said it’s not even political for him) yet much more nuanced on homosexualism? [See pro-family warrior Bryan Fischer rebut Rubio’s assertion that homosexuals are born that way.]

3) Trump’s Radical Pro-“Gay” Past? While many questions have focused on Trump’s support for Planned Parenthood (the non-abortion aspects of the business), no attention—from the media or other Republicans—has been given to his support back in 2000 for adding homosexuality (“sexual orientation”) to the Civil Rights Act. In other words, Trump was for the current LGBT “Equality Act” (which we’re calling the “Criminalizing Christianity Act”) before there even was an Equality Act. Would Trump–who opposes homosexual “marriage” and backs the First Amendment Defense Act— support the Equality Act or veto it today? Does Trump still believe that homosexuality is a criterion for “civil rights” and how would that affect the rights of others to disagree with homosexual “marriage,” celebrations, pro-LGBT school lessons, etc.?

[Editor’s Note: after this article was published, LifeSiteNews reported that in 2012 the Donald Trump Foundation donated $20,000 to the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and $10,000 to the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. GLSEN pushes for the acceptance of homosexual, bisexual and gender-confused identities and behaviors to K-12 students–including “Gay-Straight Alliances,” de facto LGBT propaganda clubs, in schools. The LifeSite article relies on original AFTAH reportage exposing GLSEN’s agenda promoting homosexuality to young children. See our posts HERE, HERE (“Fistgate”), HERE and HERE (Kevin Jennings).]

4) Dr. Carson on Homosexual Health Risks? How about a question to Dr. Ben Carson—who has been harassed by LGBT activists for his stand on homosexuality more than any other top GOP candidate—on the health risks of homosexual behavior? Carson is a doctor, so how about a question like this: “The CDC now reports that in 2014 83 percent of male syphilis cases were among “men who have sex with men”); as a doctor do you believe the U.S. Surgeon General should be advising boys and men against practicing high-risk homosexual behaviors, sort of like how the government campaigned against smoking?

5) Tax-Funded Transgender Surgeries? To my knowledge there has not been a single, direct question on the “transgender” issue. So how about these:

* Should men and boys who believe they are “women” or “girls” be allowed to use female restrooms and locker rooms? Yes or No, and please explain why.

Body Mutilation at Taxpayers' Expense? Encyclopedia of Surgery graphic of "Sex Reassignment Surgery" for "male-to-female" transsexuals.

Body Mutilation at Taxpayers’ Expense? Encyclopedia of Surgery graphic of “Sex Reassignment Surgery” for “male-to-female” transsexuals. Illustration by GGS Inc. Click to enlarge.

* Should U.S. taxpayers have to pay for or subsidize transsexual “sex-reassignment surgeries” through Obama-care, the military, prisons or Medicare/Medicaid? (SRS surgeries include, for example, surgically slicing a man’s penis apart and rebuilding the tissues into a makeshift “vagina”; or cutting off a woman’s healthy breasts to flatter her chest like a man’s.)

6) Politics and “Gay Marriage” Issue—Is the Issue Over or Not? Opposition to counterfeit homosexual “marriage” helped GOP candidates like George W. Bush win some big elections—so it is outrageous that some key Republican leaders and pundits like former Bush spokesman (and Fox “The Five” co-host) Dana Perino want to throw the issue aside.  Both Gov. John Kasich and Donald Trump have opined post-Obergefell that the homosexual “marriage” issue is over. (Kasich also effectively argued in the Houston debate that businessmen should be required to service homosexual “weddings.”) Back in August, the homosexual magazine The Advocate gladly reported this exchange between Trump and the Hollywood Reporter:

Asked whether same-sex marriage was a “dead issue,” Trump told [Hollywood Reporter] magazine, “Some people have hopes of passing amendments, but it’s not going to happen. Congress can’t pass simple things, let alone that. So anybody that’s making that an issue is doing it for political reasons. The Supreme Court ruled on it.”

By late January, however, Trump—gunning for evangelical support in South Carolina–said he would consider appointing Supreme Court justices who would overturn the Obergefell decision. Question: by his own standard, was Trump just playing politics with the marriage issue and pandering for Christian votes?

7) Attending a Same-sex “Wedding”—a “Beautiful” Thing or Celebrating Sin? Republicans have been all over the map on whether they would attend a “wedding” between two men or two women. Kasich—who talks often about his Christian faith–boasted that he would attend one, and Trump already has—saying that the male-male “wedding” of his friends was “beautiful.” Question: what’s more important: the feelings of a friend or relative trapped in a sexual sin–or being faithful to your holy Creator? Would Jesus Christ attend a homosexual “wedding” or officiate at a homosexual “marriage” ceremony? (P.S. No candidate has a perfect record on homosexual-agenda issues: in 2014, the GOP-led Senate (including Cruz and Rubio) voted 98-0 to confirm lawyer Robert Pittman as Texas’ first openly homosexual federal judge.)

I realize that the likelihood of just a few of these questions being raised by the media—even by conservative pundits or the supposedly “Fair & Balanced” Fox News–is remote, but a pro-family advocate can dream, can’t he? Remember this: the main reason that the LGBT agenda is winning is that people  are blocked by a corrupt media from receiving crucial, accurate information–such as data about the medical risks of  deviant “gay” sex or the existence of thousands of happy “ex-gays.” So do not despair: LGBT activists and their liberal media pals are desperate to squelch this information because they know that their radical agenda would fail if people knew the truth.

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