BRAINWASHED: Kelly Ripa’s Son Was So Over-Exposed to Homosexuals Getting ‘Married’ that He Thought Normal, Heterosexual Marriage Might Be Illegal — She Tells GLAAD

Video captures the upside-down “New York values” of media stars pushing the “gay” (and transgender) revolution on America

Kelly Ripa's son, Joaquin, shown in a 2014 Twitter photo on his 11th birthday. Following the legalization of "gay marriage" in New York in 2011, a younger Joaquin was so exposed to homosexual male friends of his famous mom getting "married" that he had to ask her if a man marrying a woman was illegal.

“Mom, is it legal for a man to marry a woman?” Kelly Ripa’s son, Joaquin, shown in a 2014 Twitter photo on his 11th birthday. Following the legalization of “gay marriage” in New York in 2011, a younger Joaquin was so over-exposed to homosexual friends of his famous mom getting “married” that he had to ask her if a man marrying a woman was illegal.

By Peter LaBarbera

Kelly Ripa is in the news is for something that is–from an eternal Truth perspective–far less significant and newsworthy than the heart-breaking story below. Because this story involves the moral and spiritual confusion of a boy raised in a politically correct world gone mad–imbibing a level of cultural decadence unimaginable only a few decades ago:


“New York Values”? To get a feel for how utterly out-of-touch New York City-based media are with the average American, check out this May 2015 speech by Kelly Ripa, co-host of the ABC morning show “Live with Kelly and Michael [Strahan].” In the video, Ripa is accepting an award from GLAAD, the homosexual media pressure organization formerly known as the “Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination.”

Beginning around the 5:15 mark, she shares a story about her son, Joaquin, born in 2003. The context is her family life following New York State’s legalization of homosexual “marriage” in 2011:

“A few years ago, our youngest son, Joaquin, asked me if it was illegal for me to be married to Mark [her husband]–because all of our friends at that time who were getting married were same-sex couples. And it dawned on him…that a heterosexual couple getting married might actually be illegal.”

This speech captures the zeitgeist of big-city liberalism and the New York City-dominated media’s radical pro-“gay” embrace better than almost anything I have seen. Ripa praises her good friend and open homosexual Anderson Cooper of CNN, and is hopeful that the U.S. Supreme Court would make same-sex “marriage” the law of the land–which it effectively did with its nature-defying Obergefell v. Hodges ruling shortly after this event, on June 26, 2015.

Ripa’s comments on homosexual “marriage” begin at the 4:00 mark, and those specifically about her son Joaquin’s marriage confusion at 5:15:

To sum up, Ripa has strayed so far from the Catholic religion of her upbringing that she now makes a mockery of it–in the name of tolerance, love and compassion. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that she and millions like her have found a new “religion” that incorporates the celebration of aberrant sexuality and disordered, sinful same-sex relationships as morally equivalent to marital love between husband and wife.

Let’s put Ripa’s comments in context: in the entire history of Christianity and Judaism, homosexual practice (much less two people of the same sex getting “married”) has been proscribed as deeply sinful–an abomination (read: “detestable”). [See The Bible and Homosexual Practice author Prof. Robert Gagnon’s website,; for information about the Catholic Church teachings against homosexual behavior, go HERE.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that then-TIME magazine reporter Jack Linshi covered Ripa’s comments about her–let’s just say it–“gay”-brainwashed son as straight news–i.e., with no hint whatsoever as to how weird it is that a boy raised in a “Catholic” home would think it abnormal–maybe even against the law–for his dad to marry his mom! In a saner era, this upside-down morality transmitted from spiritually-compromised adults to innocent children would be major news, and not just something to chuckle at.

Celebrating all things “gay” and transgendered is de rigueur in the media and Hollywood, and only the brave reporter breaks ranks.

Perhaps GLAAD changed its name because it is odd for a media group to be talking about anti-homosexual “discrimination” when “gay” power in the American media and entertainment worlds has reached such astonishing heights that a child raised in the home of a TV star feels the need to ask his mother if historic, normal marriage is even legal.

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