Trump, RNC Sell ‘LGBTQ For Trump’ T-shirts – Trump Includes Homosexuals in His Child Care Plan

A Republican Party first in pro-homosexual/-transgender outreach — Party of family values?


Sodomy Shirts — Brought to You by the RNC: “LGBTQ for Trump” t-shirts are being sold online as a joint project of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., and the Republican National Committee. To read more on Trump’s past support for homosexual activism, go HERE. To read where Hillary Clinton stands on homosexualism and transsexualism, go HERE. And to see a video of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson supporting homosexual “marriage,” go HERE.

By Peter LaBarbera

There are many Republicans in high places who are trying to remold the GOP into a “gay”-affirming party–sort of a “Democrat-lite” party on homosexuality and transgenderism. Donald Trump could be their ticket: the liberal New York Times reports that Trump’s accepting views on homosexuality set him apart from past GOP standard bearers.

So we were not shocked to learn that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is joining with Donald Trump to market “LGBTQ for Trump” t-shirts. Trump and the RNC are calling his “gay”-rainbow apparel “Trump Pride Men’s Tees.” The move comes after Trump shocked social conservatives by giving a primetime speaking spot at the Republican National Convention to homosexual businessman and “gay” advocate Peter Thiel.

In another development, the Trump campaign announced that its child care plan will cover homosexuals. The proposal would provide a series of government benefits and incentives for parents using child care, including tax deductions for child care expenses and a requirement that employers offer six weeks of paid maternity leave.

fact sheet on the plan states the following:

Q: Will Same-sex Couples Receive the Benefits?

A: The benefits would be available in the same way that the IRS currently recognizes same-sex coupes: if the marriage is recognized under state law, then it is recognized under federal law.


Permanent newfangled ‘rights’? History shows that once liberal “rights” are granted, they rarely are taken away. (President George W. Bush did not undo President Clinton’s pro-homosexual executive orders.) Above, Donald Trump’s campaign says that homosexual “couples” would be eligible for his child care benefits plan.

If the Trump announcement is a foreshadowing of what is to come in a theoretical Trump administration, it would fit the pattern of history whereby Republican presidents and governors only rarely reverse the “sexual orientation” policies of their Democratic predecessors. For example, George W. Bush did not dismantle the “sexual orientation” executive orders of the man he succeeded, Bill Clinton.

One Republican governor who deserves credit for rolling back the “gay rights” executive actions of his predecessor is Gov. Bobby Jindal, in Louisiana. Jindal made a short run at the Republican presidential nomination before dropping out of the race in 2015.

Christian conservatives wary

The Christian Post reports on evangelical opposition to the “homosexual parents” aspect of Trump’s proposal:

Evangelical Christian organizer and founder of the American Renewal Project David Lane told that “evangelicals will not support” Trump’s child care plan if it is “anything less than mommy and daddy in the home.”

“We applaud Donald Trump for wishing to make families stronger, but not with the help of social engineering,” Lane said.

Apply the sin substitution test

As I said in a recent radio interview with Milwaukee-based VCY America, Christians should apply the AFTAH “Sexual Sin Substitution Test” to these GOP sops to homosexual “pride” and the “gay/trans” agenda: simply replace “LGBTQ or “gay” or homosexuality with another sexual sin and see if it makes sense. Would the RNC and Trump market a “Porn-users for Trump” t-shirt? I hope not.

Would Newt Gingrich–slated to speak this Wednesday at the homosexual activist Log Cabin Republicans fundraising dinner–lend his conservative credibility to raise funds for, say, the “Republican Swingers PAC”? Certainly not.

Trump’s outreaches to homosexuals, such as they are, have been pooh-poohed as insufficient by Democrats like vice-presidential candidate and former Virginia governor Sen. Tim Kaine. The Democrats run boldly on pro-homosexual policies, such as when Hillary Clinton spoke last year at the Human Rights Campaign–a homosexual lobby organization–and declared her support for the federal Equality Act–which would homosexualize the U.S. Civil Rights code.

How pro-“gay” would President Trump be?

Back in 2000, lifetime New Yorker Trump was a cheerleader for homosexual “rights” when he was mulling a run for the Reform Party nomination. At the GOP convention in Cleveland, Trump famously reached out, post-Orlando, to “LGBTQ citizens” in his acceptance speech–the first Republican nominee to do so. And Trump said he would be better for homosexuals as president than Hillary–but that could be understood mainly in a national security context in which he would be better than the Democrats in protecting homosexuals from radical Islamic terror.

The question for many observers is, how would this translate in a Trump presidency–since Trump has also courted pro-family advocates like Rick Santorum as advisers, and promised conservative Christians that he would defend religious liberty? On the other hand, it is widely assuned that Hillary will build upon the sweeping pro-homosexual, pro-transgender record as Barack Obama, the most pro-LGBTQ president in U.S. history.

These issue have barely surfaced so far in the general election campaign, but with Democrats now claiming that religious liberty is a “code word” for “anti-gay-discrimination,” where would a President Trump come down on “gay rights”? Would he limit his homosexual-friendly actions mostly to symbolic rhetoric–while not undoing President Obama’s extensive pro-LGBT legacy? Or would Trump blaze a new path for Republicans by openly championing homosexual- and transgender activist goals as president?

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