Video: Rally to Repeal Obergefell v. Hodges and SCOTUS-Imposed ‘Gay Marriage’ — LIVESTREAM

Obergefell Was Built on a Lie: LGBTQ is NOT “Immutable”: Laura Perry, former “female to male” transgender, speaks at AFTAH’s “Repeal Obergefell” rally June 26 in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Perry once fantasized about being a boy and worked hard to be a “man,” even taking testosterone and going through a double mastectomy and other destructive “transgender” surgeries to remove her female organs–all to achieve her disordered goal. But through the prayers of her mom and people who loved her, and the grace of God, Laura walked away from her “transgender” identity. She now reaches out as a Christian to help others caught up in gender confusion and false “trans” identities. The Supreme Court’s 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges ruling imposing same-sex “marriage” on the USA claims that homosexuality is “immutable,” a calculated falsehood promoted for decades by LGBTQ activists. See Laura’s testimony at the 58:15 mark in rally video below. Also, watch Laura’s longer testimony with her mother at the recent “God’s Voice” conference HERE; or watch it on YouTube HERE. Read her written testimony HERE.


Folks, on the eve of the celebration of our Declaration of Independence, I can still say that our United States of America is the greatest country on earth. Where but in the USA could citizens have the freedom to go right up to the steps of the highest Court in the Land and speak Truth–the most politically incorrect, biblical truth utterable these days–with the full protection of liberty guaranteed by our Founders’ ingenious First Amendment?!

That’s exactly what we did June 26–blacks and whites, men and women, young and old. We gathered in D.C. to mark the fourth anniversary of the immoral and unconstitutional Obergefell v. Hodges ruling by which the Supreme Court effectively imposed homosexual “marriage” on the nation. That infamous and arrogant decision claimed that “sexual orientation” was “immutable,” and yet in our small group there were four people who testified to having come OUT of homosexuality and/or gender rebellion (transgenderism) through the power of Jesus Christ.

Most Americans don’t know it but state-sanctioned “gay marriage” in America was built on a lie–perhaps the biggest Big Lie emanating from the cunningly deceitful LGBTQ movement: that “being gay” (or trans, or bisexual, or “pansexual” or [INSERT YOUR DEVIANCE HERE] is “who you are,” innate and unchangeable, like race. It must be true because retired Justice and Obergefell author Anthony Kennedy said so, right? But Kennedy was dead wrong and espousing a politically convenient fiction, as transformed lives like Stephen Black, Laura Perry, Grace Harley and Doug Mainwairing testified at our event.

Please take the time to watch our rally below. God willing, we will be back in front of the Court next year. Below is the Livestream video of the entire rally; it starts just after the 5:00 mark; some timed highlights of the speakers are found below the video and after the jump.–Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

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