LISTEN: LaBarbera Discusses Joe Biden’s and Kamala Harris’ Radical LGBTQ Agenda with Janet Mefferd

Folks, below is the August 24, 2020 interview I did with Christian talk show host Janet Mefferd. It starts in the beginning. (You can also listen to it on Soundcloud HERE.) We discuss the radical LGBTQueer agenda of the Democratic Party and its 2020 candidates, Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris:

Here is Mefferd’s description of the program. My interview was followed by one with Tim Winter of the Parents Television Council on the exploitative Netflix film “Cuties”:

Joe Biden has a plan to advance LGBTQ+ “equality” in America and around the world. How would a Biden-Harris White House further advance the Big Gay Revolution and erode religious freedom and moral sanity in America? I’ll talk it over with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. Plus: The Parents Television Council is calling for Netflix to cancel its awful film, “Cuties,” which sexually exploits young girls. President Tim Winter joins us on Monday’s JANET MEFFERD TODAY.

Thank you to Janet Mefferd for the opportunity to appear on her first-rate show to analyze the ongoing normalization of perversion that is being carried out through “mainstream” politics. — Peter LaBarbera,; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera
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