This Is the Perfect LGBTQ Meme for America Today

Folks, this one says it all. I found it on Twitter. From “children’s” books to corporate “wokeness,” to the smug, pro-gay/trans/”non-binary” cheerleaders in the media and Hollywood, you just can’t escape ubiquitous LGBTQueer propaganda these days. That’s especially true during June, which pro-immorality “progressives” have deemed “Pride” month as if it were some sacred, extended holiday. Always remember this: homosexuality, like any sin, is nothing to be proud of. (See this excellent EX-“gay” website for a dose of truth.) To see my Twitter feed, go to @Peter LaBarbera. — PL, AFTAH 

Found on Twitter, June 9, 2021; see this link. Original source unknown.
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