WATCH: Allie Beth Stuckey’s Outstanding Christian Conservative Response to Dave Rubin’s Dual Surrogacy Announcement

Folks, here is another terrific response by Christian conservative Allie Beth Stuckey to “homocon” (homosexual conservative) Dave Rubin’s announcement that he and his same-sex “husband” are acquiring two babies through surrogacy. [See Mark Dice’s video challenging “woke conservatives” like PragerU, Christopher Rufo and The Blaze for congratulating Rubin.]

Beyond the Rubin controversy, this is a stellar teaching video on Christian (and conservative) sexual morality that every person of faith–indeed, anyone working to “conserve” God’s wonderful, created order–would benefit from watching. Use this as a teaching tool for your children or grandchildren. I realize this is self-edited, but rarely are Christians this good at succinctly defending biblical morality and compassionate, “truth in love” outreach to wayward friends.

Kudos to Stuckey for her clarity of thought and for sticking to biblical principles in an age when that brings much condemnation from the self-righteous mob who have decided they know better than their Creator, if they even believe in Him. — Peter LaBarbera, AmericansForTruth.News; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera; Gettr (just starting on this): @PeterLaBarbera

Below is Stuckey’s information provided along with her YouTube video:

Why I Can’t Congratulate My Friend Dave Rubin

Intro 02:5307:31 :

Reason 1 07:3209:50 :

Reason 2 09:5111:37 :

Reason 3 11:3814:03 :

Reason 4 14:0416:04 :

Thoughts on BlazeTV’s tweet/Conclusion

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Surrogacy/Big Fertility Part 2:…

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