Video: Ex-‘Gay’ Doug Mainwaring on the Quiet Rise of LGBTQ Influence in Christian and Conservative Circles

Folks, this is an important presentation by my good friend Doug Mainwaring, who is as brave and principled a pro-family advocate as I’ve ever known. Doug, who is ex-“gay” and writes for LifeSiteNews (where I once worked), has been a leading, albeit lonely, voice in urging the Right not to abandon the traditional, age-old conservative defense of Judeo-Christian morality. In this case, that means NOT latching on to a newfangled, libertarian brand of “conservatism” that not only tolerates, but celebrates homosexual unions–you know, the Republican ones (think Dave Rubin, Rick Grenell, Guy Benson, etc.)–ostensibly for political gain.

Last I checked, there was no “GOP exception” in Romans 1 and other passages of the Bible proscribing homosexual behavior as sinful. Moreover, among the many reasons to oppose legalized same-sex “marriage” (no matter what the courts rule) is that it provides a launching pad for the inevitable pleas to recognize “gay unions” in the Christian Church, always in the name of compassion. Normalizing sexual perversion is not and never will be a “conservative” value, nor a compassionate one. 

You can find links to many of Doug’s excellent LSN articles on his bio page, and the LifeSiteNews description of this video is at bottom. We’ll have much more to report on this issue.–Peter LaBarbera,; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera 

LifeSiteNews description of video:

The ascendancy of LGBT values into mainstream conservatism and Christian beliefs did not occur overnight. In his talk given at the Henkel Conference held in Nashville, TN from August 22-23, LifeSiteNews U.S. Bureau Chief Doug Mainwaring, a formerly pro-gay libertarian, talks about his personal conversion, the way the LGBT agenda has gained a strong foothold in politically-right communities, and the threats to children and families posed by this dynamic.

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