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Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

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Surprising Stuff You Should Know about ‘Trans’-cultism

Friday, February 1st, 2019
Not Decent, Not a Woman: Man pretending to be a woman bares his fake breasts at Chicago’s LGBT “pride” parade in 2007. Police took no action against the gender-confused “transwoman,” whose fake breasts we covered up here. Every year, thousands of young children attend such pornographic “pride” parades. Photo: AFTAH.

By Laurie Higgins   |  First published by Illinois Family Institute, 10.18.18

Despite a lack of evidence proving the safety and efficacy of chemical and surgical interventions and social “transitioning” for those who experience gender dysphoria, “progressives” plow forward mutilating the healthy bodies and manipulating the psychology of children who feel they are or wish they were the sex they are not.

The science-denying, incoherent “trans” ideology affects all of society. The end game for “trans” activists and others in cultic thrall to this superstition is not access for a few boys and girls or men and women to opposite-sex private spaces and sports. The end game is the eradication of all public recognition of sex differences everywhere for everyone. Think about what that means:

  • It means children will be raised under the delusion that their anatomy signifies nothing. All that matters is “gender identity.” It means society will tell them that no one—not doctors, parents, or anyone else—knows if they’re male or female.
  • It means putting at risk the psychological welfare of students, particularly younger students and those already struggling with other issues, including autism; depression; anxiety; body dysmorphia; eating disorders; OCD; and the effects of molestation, family dysfunction, and bullying. Introducing the “trans” ideology, which teaches the disordered nonsense that a boy can be a girl or vice versa, to at-risk children will confuse and disturb them and will provide a distorted lens through which they may misinterpret their experiences.
  • It means that we must all pretend that humans with congenital penises and fake breasts sashaying through our women’s locker rooms in the altogether are women. (Many who identify as “trans” don’t believe surgery is necessary to pass as the opposite sex, which is why you’ll hear terms like “chestfeeding men” or claims like “women can have penises.”)
  • It means that at public pools, beaches, and parks, our children will see topless women who pretend to be men but opt to keep their breasts.
  • It means that men’s roommates in semi-private hospital rooms may be biological women. And it means women who seek sanctuary from abusive boyfriends and husbands in shelters may be forced to share rooms or private facilities with biological men.
  • It means many of us will lose jobs if we refuse to refer to colleagues by incorrect pronouns, which is to say, if we refuse to lie.
  • It means that our taxes will continue to subsidize the indoctrination of children with the “trans” ideology through government schools
  • And it means the sterilization and mutilation of the healthy bodies of children.

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Friday, February 1st, 2019

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

U.K. Trans-Insanity – Big Brother in League with the Trans Cult

Tuesday, January 29th, 2019
Now Gender Confusion is GOOD for kids? With transgenderism all the rage among pro-LGBTQ “progressives” and liberals, will the United States soon follow the U.K. in criminalizing dissent against the “trans” agenda? Above is a graphic from the “Drag Queen Story Hour” website. The “story hours,” in which adult “drag queens” read gender-bending books to little tots at public libraries, have ignited protests across the nation. (The left-leaning American Library Association supports the “story hours.)

By Laurie Higgins, first published 1/29/19 by Illinois Family Institute

To be filed in the bulging “ARE YOU KIDDING?!” news folder is a story from the increasingly oppressive United Kingdom. British police recently investigated dock worker and father of four Harry Miller for an alleged “hate incident” for reposting a limerick about men who pretend to be women that included this factual line: “Your breasts are made of silicone, your vagina goes nowhere.”

Sure, the limerick mocks the surgical mutilation of anatomically normal, healthy male bodies, but so what? People are allowed to satirize anything they want—especially ideologies and acts that destroy healthy bodies and affirm science-denying dogma. And neither mockery nor criticism of such barbaric acts constitutes hatred of persons.

The investigating police constable told Miller that he had taken “a course and what you need to understand is that you can have a foetus with a female brain that grows male body parts and that’s what a transgender person is.” Riiight.

Who, enquiring minds may wonder, would tell the constable such unscientific nonsense?  The constable told the Telegraphthat he had “learned it on a training course” run “by a transgender person.”

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