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Liberal West Virginia Lawmakers Again Seek ‘Civil Rights’ Status for Homosexuality

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Help Kevin McCoy stop West Virgnia ENDA bills

wvfflogo.jpgThe following is a legislative alert from my friend Kevin McCoy, presidet of West Virginia Family Foundation and state director of the American Family Association of West Virginia. Kevin is the leading activist in West Virginia fighting against the imposition of homosexual “superior rights” in that state. (We argue that so-called “gay rights” go beyond mere “special rights” because many homosexual activists now claim that such aberrant-sex-based “rights” supersede traditional citizens’ First Amendment liberties, including freedom of association based on faith/moral beliefs.)

kevin_mccoy.jpgI’ve worked with Kevin for more than a decade and he is one of the most effective and hardest working pro-family advocates I have ever met. Give me 100 Kevin McCoys and America is a far different nation (I’m not exaggerating)! You can read about some of Kevin’s and WVFF’s accomplishments HERE. If you are a West Virginia resident — or even if you aren’t — please consider sending WVFF a donation to continue their outstanding work defending life, marriage and the traditional family. Thank you. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.com


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