Deerfield High School Accused of Promoting Homosexuality

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Culture Campaign hosts God, Sex, and the Culture War

featuring Lora Sue Hauser, Laurie Higgins, and Peter LaBarbera

The Gay Agenda: No Child Left Behind…

Sunday, Mar 11, at 7:15 pm

at College Church in Wheaton, IL

Excerpted from School Accused of Promoting Homosexuality, by Lisa Black, published Mar 7, 2007, by Chicago Tribune:

Some parents have accused Deerfield High School of promoting a homosexual agenda by allowing gay students to speak before freshman classes about their personal experiences, cite research and invite questions.

Taking place in classrooms this week, the panel sessions are scheduled during a class called freshman advisory, which seeks to help students adjust to high school. The class is mandatory, but parents can choose to remove their child on days the lessons concern them, school officials said.

But Deerfield resident and parent Lora Sue Hauser, who heads a group called North Shore Student Advocacy, wants to see the panel discontinued, saying it delves into complex issues of sexuality that are better addressed by parents and trained counselors. She said the panel is one of several ways that Deerfield High and other schools treat homosexuality as morally acceptable without presenting the viewpoints of those who disagree.

“The school makes heterosexuality and homosexuality equivalent, and our country is deeply divided on that,” said Hauser, who said dozens of parents belong to the advocacy group but fear they will be labeled as haters or religious fanatics if they speak out.

“You can’t dump that on a 14-year-old,” Hauser said. “These are really difficult waters to navigate.”

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Deerfield High School Uses GLSEN’s “Lunchbox” Series — What’s in the Box?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007


Culture Campaign hosts God, Sex, and the Culture War

featuring Peter LaBarbera, Lora Sue Hauser, and Laurie Higgins

The Gay Agenda: No Child Left Behind…

Sunday, Mar 11, at 7:15 pm

at College Church in Wheaton, IL

In our post entitled Deerfield High School: Required Class for Freshmen Advocates Pro-”Gay” and Pro-”Trans” Propaganda, Lora Sue Hauser is quoted speaking of a card game with sexually deviant terms (Genderqueer, Intersexual, MSM, Transgender, Transsexual, Sex Reassignment Surgery, Transphobia, Down-Low, Cross Dressers, etc.).

That “game” is part of GLSEN’s “Lunchbox 2” which GLSEN advertises as: “A Comprehensive Training Program for Ending Anti-LGBT Bias in Schools.” Their political agenda for your children is clear — from their website:

…The GLSEN Lunchbox 2 is a way for us to begin to nourish the spirits of those who have lived with bigotry and rejection their entire lives. By offering educators a regimen of tools for breaking the silence and stereotypes around lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues, The GLSEN Lunchbox 2 brings us one step closer to a balanced and healthy school environment for all…

The GLSEN Lunchbox 2 is a comprehensive training program aimed at providing educators and community members with the background knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to make schools safer and more affirming places for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students.

This material is not intended only for high school student (which would be objectionable enough):

There are activities that will be particularly helpful for anyone who works in elementary school communities, others that will be helpful for members of middle school communities, and still other activities most appropriate for high schools.

TAKE ACTION — Is this material being used in your school? You have a right to know and to exclude your child from exposure to it. Ask nicely, and if you don’t receive an open and complete response, file a Freedom of Information request asking for copies of any GLSEN materials used in the school. And let us know what you find…

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