Five More Reasons to Get Your Kid OFF

Nearly every junior high and high school student I know has a profile on Parents, if you don’t understand what is really about, you need to learn (perhaps by attending i-safe training, as I did at my local police department) and then get your child’s profile OFF MySpace (and/or similar sites). If you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll believe this advice from homosexual author Josh K. of the “Josh & Josh” blog. — Sonja Dalton

Five Reasons Why MySpace Is the New

[Posted Sept 9, 2006 on “Josh & Josh”]

One) There are more pull-up-my-A&F-graphic-t-shirt-with-my-left-hand-and-use- -my-right-hand-to-capture-my-moderately-sculpted-and- hairless-torso-in-the-bathroom-mirror-while-I-throw-my-head- back-and-purse-my-lips pics on MySpace than any friday night on Manhunt [a raunchy website for homosexual male hook-ups]. And that’s really saying something.

Two) MySpace gives every man-about-town hopeful the option to list his “stats” and “body type.” …

Three) Most people who have a MySpace profile also have a Friendster profile. As a general rule, you can count on a user’s pictures on MySpace to be a lot trashier (e.g. shirtless, PBR in hand) than their pictures on Friendster. (Also: see #1.)

Four) MySpace is free…

Five) Okay, now here’s the deal: you know MySpace is the new [another raunchy site for homosexual male hook-ups] when a guy you’ve been messaging admits he’s pretty much flirted, dated, or had sex with the same people you’ve flirted, dated, or had sex with. And that’s all I have to say about that.

–Josh K.

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