Oprah Celebrates Homosexuality, Again, as Audience Applauds

By Sonja Dalton and Peter LaBarbera

The October 1, 2006, “Oprah” program was entitled “Wives Confess They Are Gay.” (Click on that link to read about or watch the show online.)

After years of suppressing her sexuality, Chris decided to come out to her husband, Joe…

“I said, ‘Joe, I think after lots of soul searching and lots of reading and lots of praying I do believe that I’m a lesbian,'” she says. “It was very painful to do.”

But Chris wasn’t alone…

Joe says he was supportive of Chris because he loved her…and because he was also gay! Four years after his divorce, Joe followed Chris’s footsteps…

Chris now has a lesbian partner, Libby, and Joe has a homosexual male partner, Paul, who was also formerly married and who has children. Oprah calls the foursome “One Big, Happy Family.” Her audience applauds, as though there is something to be happy about in this tangled mess.

According to Oprah, they “are now living [their] best life.” According to God, however, they are deluded, deceived – given over to sexual impurity and degrading of their bodies, given up to dishonorable passions, abandoned to a debased, depraved mind (see Romans 1 in the New Testament).

So much for the broken homes, broken hearts – and broken promises before God. Oprah, we ask: where is your compassion for the children whose families are shattered, and the husband who said he cried every day, with anguish over the destruction of his marriage and family that, he said, almost killed him?

Is all this rationalized away by embracing “gay” ideology and semantics? The thinking goes: “These people were born gay and they never should have gotten married in the first place — how terrible that our homophobic society pressures them to do so…”

Shades of Mark Foley. Society is to blame. Not people who embrace destructive homosexual behavior and very selfish choices.

Once again, we see that the homosexual variety is the only Politically Correct form of adultery: leave your husband for another man, and you’re just another cheater. But leave him for a woman and you might get a call from one of Oprah’s booking agents! The queen of daytime TV (or is it shallow, small-‘c’ “christianity”) said:

“I just would say to anybody, whatever secret you’re holding, live your own truth,” says Oprah. “Life is really short.”

Your own truth? If everyone adopts their “own truth,” then there is no truth.

Our answer is: live according to God’s revealed Truth (the Bible); people ignore that at their own peril. Yes, life may be short, but Eternity will be really, really long.

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