“Vagina Monologues’” Creator Eve Ensler Quizzes 6-year-old Girl about Girl’s Vagina: Why Are Oprah and Faith Hill Supporting Ensler?

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

AFTAH launches ‘Stop the Monologues Project’

News Release


Americans For Truth
April 12, 2008

[Note: in our original release, we erroneously identified Eve Ensler, creator of “The Vagina Monologues,” as a lesbian; Ensler reportedly is bisexual.–AFTAH]

Contact: Peter LaBarbera: 630-717-7631; Donna Miller: 910-308-7619

CHICAGO, IL – Americans For Truth today launched its “Stop the Monologues Project,” to expose Eve Ensler’s radical feminist play, “The Vagina Monologues” (TVM) — which includes a chapter in which Ensler, a reported bisexual, asks a six-year-old girl several questions about the girl’s vagina. A host of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Faith Hill, are joining Ensler in celebrating the tenth anniversary of her play this weekend in New Orleans.

On pages 103-104 of the 10th-anniversary edition of The Vagina Monologues, in a chapter titled, “I Asked a Six-Year-Old Girl,” Ensler asks the following questions based on an interview with an unnamed girl (only the answer to the last question is provided below):

  • If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?”
  • If it could speak, what would it say?”
  • What does your vagina remind you of?”
  • What’s special about your vagina?”
  • What does your vagina smell like?”
  • [answer:] “Snowflakes.”

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth and father of five children, said it is astonishing that Ensler and her vulgar play are being celebrated given TVM’s past and current promotion of adult predatory behavior against minors:

“Imagine if an adult homosexual man were to quiz a six-year-old boy about his penis — or a straight man were to ask a little girl silly questions about her private parts – for use in a play! Would such men be praised by the media and famous personalities?”

Stop the Monologues Project Director Donna Miller, the mother of a teenage girl, said, “I find it horrifying that an author would sexualize a six-year-old girl –– particularly when that same author has a record of writing favorably about adult/child sex, at least for lesbians.”

Miller noted the hypocrisy of a movement whose stated goal is to “stop the violence against women and girls,” while it celebrates a lesbian rape-seduction, underage drinking, and a bisexual adult asking highly inappropriate sexual questions to a six-year-old.

The Vagina Monologues book, on pages 80-82, tells of a lesbian rape-seduction in a story titled, “The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could.” In the monologue, a 24-year-old woman plies a 16-year-old girl with alcohol before seducing her (statutory rape in many states).

The original ‘Monologues’ play included the same segment except the victimized girl was just 13.

‘Pregnant Man’ Is a Lesbian Activist

Monday, April 7th, 2008

Transgender ‘man’ is former Hawaiian lesbian activist Tracy LaGondino

pregnant_woman_thinks_shes_man.jpgLew Waters of Vancouver, Wash., makes a lot of sense in his piece, “Oregon’s Pregnant Man Hoax,” which can be found on his blog, “Right in a Left World”:

News out of Bend, Oregon is that male resident, Thomas Beatie, is 22 weeks pregnant. Articles have been written and an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show is scheduled. Looking closer, news of a Pregnant “Man” is just a myth.

Thomas Beatie, the Bend, Oregon man making news as a “Pregnant Man” was born Tracy LaGondino, a woman, 34 years ago. Tracy was a lesbian who fought for the right of gay couples to adopt children and against hate crimes in Hawaii, before moving to Bend 2 years ago.

Tracy fell in love with another woman, Nancy Roberts in Hawaii and they desired to be married, strictly against even Hawaii’s liberal laws.

Tracy decided she should obtain a sex change because Hawaii’s laws did not support same sex [“marriage.”] She underwent a double radical mastectomy and began hormone therapy to change her gender to that of a male, but keeping her female reproductive organs.

When she and her lover decided they wanted a child, and Nancy could not become pregnant, Tracy, now renamed Thomas, ceased the hormone therapy to allow her menstrual flow to return. Tracy/Thomas said it took about 4 months for her body to regulate itself.

Click HERE to read the whole piece (followed by comments), “Oregon’s ‘Pregnant Man’ Hoax”

Suze Orman: Lesbian and Virgin?

Tuesday, February 27th, 2007

Words have meaning. To be a virgin is not just to abstain from sexual intercourse with a man, but to remain completely chaste and pure. It’s no more accurate to say that a sexually active lesbian is a virgin that it was for Bill Clinton to say “I did not have sex with that woman” — and furthermore, it’s terribly dangerous to mislead young people like this. When young people heard Bill Clinton equivocate and deny that oral sex was indeed sex, they felt liberty to try it themselves — and now society is reaping the consequences. Similarly, if Suze Orman identifies herself as a lesbian while calling herself a virgin, she sends a confusing and mixed message — and a deceitful one — to young women.

Homosexual sex may not carry the “risk” (or as we Christians like to think if it, the great blessing) of pregnancy, but homosexual sex practices (lesbian, “gay,” or “trans”) substantially increase the risk of physical, emotional, and spiritual damage to the human body and soul. If Suze Orman has been in a lesbian relationship for seven years, she is no virgin. If you “experiment with” or engage openly in homosexual sex (or are heterosexually intimate, even without intercourse), you cannot please God unless you repent (ie, change). — Sonja Dalton

Recommended Resource:
How Christians Can Talk to Homosexuals
by Yvette Schneider
published Feb 26, 2004
(Yvette is herself a former lesbian, healed in Christ.)


The following is excerpted from She’s So Money (an interview with financial guru Suze Orman), by Deborah Solomon, published Feb 25, 2007, by New York Times Magazine:

suze-orman.jpgQ: Are you married?

A: I’m in a relationship with life. My life is just out there. I’m on the road every day. I love my life.

Q: Meaning what? Do you live with anyone?

A: K.T. is my life partner. K.T. stands for Kathy Travis. We’re going on seven years. I have never been with a man in my whole life. I’m still a 55-year-old virgin.

Q: Would you like to get married to K.T.?

A: Yes. Absolutely. Both of us have millions of dollars in our name. It’s killing me that upon my death, K.T. is going to lose 50 percent of everything I have to estate taxes. Or vice versa.

Continue reading at New York Times Magazine…

Oprah Celebrates Homosexuality, Again, as Audience Applauds

Friday, October 6th, 2006

By Sonja Dalton and Peter LaBarbera

The October 1, 2006, “Oprah” program was entitled “Wives Confess They Are Gay.” (Click on that link to read about or watch the show online.)

After years of suppressing her sexuality, Chris decided to come out to her husband, Joe…

“I said, ‘Joe, I think after lots of soul searching and lots of reading and lots of praying I do believe that I’m a lesbian,'” she says. “It was very painful to do.”

But Chris wasn’t alone…

Joe says he was supportive of Chris because he loved her…and because he was also gay! Four years after his divorce, Joe followed Chris’s footsteps…

Chris now has a lesbian partner, Libby, and Joe has a homosexual male partner, Paul, who was also formerly married and who has children. Oprah calls the foursome “One Big, Happy Family.” Her audience applauds, as though there is something to be happy about in this tangled mess.

According to Oprah, they “are now living [their] best life.” According to God, however, they are deluded, deceived – given over to sexual impurity and degrading of their bodies, given up to dishonorable passions, abandoned to a debased, depraved mind (see Romans 1 in the New Testament).

So much for the broken homes, broken hearts – and broken promises before God. Oprah, we ask: where is your compassion for the children whose families are shattered, and the husband who said he cried every day, with anguish over the destruction of his marriage and family that, he said, almost killed him?

Read the rest of this article »

Oprah Exposes NAMBLA: Homosexual Pedophiles Online

Thursday, September 28th, 2006

One of the questions I have regarding any linkage between homosexuality and pedophilia is why such a disproportionate number of child molestation victims are boys—if (openly) homosexual men comprise such a small percentage of society? We doubt that Oprah Winfrey, who is very pro-“gay,” will pursue the answer to that question, but at least she is exposing the notorious group NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association), which once marched in homosexual “pride” parades in the early days of American “gay liberation.”

The following was excerpted from On the Web, Pedophiles Extend Their Reach, by Kirk Eichenwald, published Aug 21, 2006, by the New York Times. Mr. Eisenwald was a guest on today’s “Oprah” program, a detailed description of which may be found on her website. I hope you agree with me that the most outrageous element of this story is the pathetically paltry jail sentences these child molestors are receiving. (Personally, I’m open to the idea of castration as a penalty.) Hopefully, with the lobbying efforts of Oprah and thousands of others across the country, that will change. –Peter LaBarbera, AFT

In a chilling article, New York Times reporter Kirk Eichenwald explores the online world of pedophiles:

…Today, pedophiles go online to seek tips for getting near children — at camps, through foster care, at community gatherings and at countless other events. They swap stories about day-to-day encounters with minors. And they make use of technology to help take their arguments to others, like sharing online a printable booklet [“Straight Talk for Boys”] to be distributed to children that extols the benefits of sex with adults.

The community’s online infrastructure is surprisingly elaborate. There are Internet radio stations run by and for pedophiles; a putative charity that raised money to send Eastern European children to a camp where they were apparently visited by pedophiles; and an online jewelry company that markets pendants proclaiming the wearer as being sexually attracted to children, allowing anyone in the know to recognize them.

In this online community, pedophiles view themselves as the vanguard of a nascent movement seeking legalization of child pornography and the loosening of age-of-consent laws. They portray themselves as battling for children’s rights to engage in sex with adults, a fight they liken to the civil rights movement.

Mr Eichenwald reports that chat room visitors might discuss:

  • Sexual attraction and sexual relationships with their own children or their friends,
  • What a man might do to “prepare” an 8 year old girl for full intercourse,
  • Sharing fantasies about intercourse with infants,
  • The need to disguise pedophilia in order to qualify as a foster parent.

Oprah’s program featured a shocked former wife of NAMBLA member and convicted pedophile, “the smiling dentist” Todd Calvin; FBI Agent Robert Hamer, who infiltrated NAMBLA, resulting in eight convictions (including Todd Calvin); and Chris Hansen of Dateline, who works with a group called Perverted Justice to televise pedophile stings on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator” specials. Oprah’s website shows two pendants or charms – jewelry that designates a pedophile.

We encourage you to read about this program online or watch it online!

The Gospel According to McGreevey–Wrong

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Mr. McCullough suggests below that our country has a “new superhero” class of extra-marital fornicators: “Who are they? Men who engage in same-gender sexual activities!” Episcopal bishop (Vickie) Eugene Robinson for example, and, of course, the lastest: Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey.

Mr. McCullough noticed, as did many puzzled Christians, how many times Jim McGreevey invoked the name of God, stating repeatedly that his open embrace of homosexuality is part of his “path back to godliness.” There could be no greater lie.

  • Jesus Himself said, “If you love me, you will obey what I command” (John 14:15)…the same Jesus that affirmed God’s design for marriage (one man, one woman, for life) and condemned both divorce and adultery (Matthew 5 & 19).
  • The apostle John wrote, “If we claim to have fellowship with Him yet walk in darkness, we lie and do not live by the Truth…No one who continues to sin has either seen Him or known Him…He who does what is sinful is of the devil…No one who is born of God will continue to sin…”

If Jim McGreevey knew anything about godliness, he would be sorrowful for what he has done, and is still doing, to his wife and children — and even more grieved by what he has done against a Holy God. Instead, he exposes his innocent little daughter to his homosexual lover and introduces his lover to the world as though such a travesty is laudable.

Jude, the brother of Christ, warned that there already were and would continue to be “godless men, who change the grace of our God into a license for immorality” and who “follow their own ungodly desires…who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.” He urged believers to beware, to “contend for the faith,” to “snatch others from the fire and save them,” to “show mercy, mixed with fear – hating even the clothing stained with corrupted flesh.”

Therefore, we must speak in opposition to this latest blasphemy: divorce and adultery and homosexual practice are not godliness. We must pray earnestly for Jim McGreevey and others who are living in open defiance of God’s will, calling evil “good.” And we must reach out with genuine love and compassion to those who are confused by homosexual attractions–those whose consciences are yet tender and responsive to Christ’s healing.–Sonja Dalton

The following is excerpted from Why Liberals Love Adultery, by Kevin McCullough, published Sept 24, 2006, by Townhall:

…there’s a new kid on the scene. Having done all he could to ruin the state of New Jersey – a state he took a solemn oath to protect and serve – the new adulterer that liberals all love is Jim McGreevey. Just in the last week alone he’s held hands with Oprah, and shared New Jersey rest area secrets with Matt Lauer.

He’s also invoked God’s name about three hundred times.

And now he says, “it’s all about telling the truth.”

But I’d like to know, “since when?”

Read the rest of this article »

Former NJ Governor Committed Homosexual Adultery While Wife Was in Hospital Bearing His Child

Friday, September 15th, 2006

As my good friend Bob Knight of CWA’s Culture and Family Institute noted, the sad story of homosexual adulterer and former New Jersey governor James McGreevey appears to be one of “selfishness on steroids.” It will be fascinating to watch liberals and homosexual activists try to make a hero of this very troubled (and still confused) man. – Peter LaBarbera

Excerpted from McGreevey Gay Details Leaked, published Sept 13, 2006, by Associated Press:

Former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey revealed during an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey that he first bedded the man who would become a central figure in his downfall while his own wife was hospitalized for the birth of their child

McGreevey said the encounter was one of countless lies and betrayals he felt compelled to perpetuate…

Read the rest of this article »

Twice Married, Now Homosexual: McGreevey’s Book Set To Launch with Oprah Interview

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

AFT’s correction to the revisionist history below: James McGreevey was not elected governor of New Jersey as an openly homosexual man; he was elected as a (twice) married man with two children.

Dropping a political bombshell, New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey announced his resignation Thursday after revealing that he is gay and that he had an adulterous affair with a man.

Let’s not forget McGreevey’s now ex-wife, Dina Matos, and two innocent young children whose heartbreak is willfully omitted from thought by those celebrating McGreevey’s new “gay” life. – Sonja Dalton

Excerpted from McGreevey Gay Gov. Book Set To Launch, published Sept 10, 2006, by Associated Press:

James E. McGreevey, the first openly gay governor in U.S. history, is set to launch a month-long national book tour Tuesday with the taping of the Oprah Winfrey show.

The show will be broadcast Sept. 19, the day McGreevey’s political memoir, The Confession,” hits bookstores.

The interview with Oprah marks McGreevey’s first in-depth remarks since his political career imploded Aug. 12, 2004, when he told a national television audience that he was gay and would resign as governor.

Read the rest of this article »

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