Stabbed and Strangled, But It’s All Her Fault?

Excerpted from Woman’s Death at Hands of ‘Gay’ Her Fault, Says Lawyer, published Nov 1, 2006, by WorldNet Daily:

Mary Stachowicz was attacked with such ferocity the assailant’s hunting knife blade was bent, but a defense attorney for her alleged attacker is painting her with the blame, saying it wasn’t a “hate crime” and it happened because her comments about his “gay” lifestyle assaulted the man…

LaBarbera said the woman “is a modern day martyr who died because she told the truth to a man caught up in homosexuality. Her compelling story is largely unknown to Americans, because the same media that devoted millions of print column inches and broadcast minutes to covering the Matthew Shepard murder case have largely ignored Mary’s story.”

“The reality today is that growing secularist intolerance threatens to redefine Judeo-Christian beliefs as ‘prejudice, intolerance,’ or worse, ‘hatred.'”

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