Does Your Local PTA Promote Homosexuality?

TAKE ACTION – Look at this notice from a suburban Chicago school district‘s PTA (Indian Prairie Parents’ Council) who will be hosting Anna Marie Weselak to promote “an inclusive PTA” – by which they mean a parent-teacher association that embraces homosexuality.

Do you know what’s going on with your school’s PTA? If not, find out!

You may also wish to read our corresponding post from Regina Griggs of PFOX, entitled PTA: Peril for Parents? The opening paragraph contains vitally important information for all parents:

Do the initials “PTA” bring to mind innocuous parent-teacher meetings and parent-student school projects? Think again. The national Parent Teacher Association, fondly known as PTA, is under the leadership of chief executive officer Warlene Gary. Ms. Gary previously served as the National Education Association’s human rights director and that school union’s liaison to gay interest groups.

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