While You Were at Worship This Weekend…

The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force was in Kansas City, MO, for five days hosting their 19th annual “Creating Change” conference. According to their website, over 2000 homosexual activists gathered to strategize for 2007 and beyond.

The closing speaker on Sunday morning was Loretta Ross, national coordinator and co-founder of SisterSong Reproductive Health Collective. Ms. Ross “espoused the need to talk about the human right to sexual pleasure“:

“While we’re fighting each other in our own Oppression Olympics, the neofascists and neoliberals are kicking our asses. They’re killing us. And only a united movement for all of our human rights will save us.”

Additionally: “Dozens of youth 24 and under attended an interactive creative writing and poetry workshop by award-winning folk poet and progressive artist-activist Alix Olson on Friday.”

Note that on Alix Olson’s website, her bio says that “Alix Olson is an internationally touring folk poet and progressive queer artist-activist.” Why do you suppose the Task Force elected to omit that particular adjective?

“At this morning’s plenary, several of the youth performed a collectively written poem about sexuality, pride and radicalism, saying in alternating voices,

‘Pride is personal.

Pride is identifying.

Pride is loving yourself.

Pride is holding hands without fear…

Living these lives is radical.

That is beautiful…

We are bountiful.

And beautiful.'”

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