Brokeback Mountain to Disgrace Catholic Seton Hall University

A press release from TFP Student Action (the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property), published Nov 16, 2006:


Hollywood movie Brokeback Mountain is scheduled to stage at Seton Hall University, a Catholic institution founded in 1865. The film is currently listed on the university’s web site under “Multicultural Program Film & Lecture Series.”1 TFP Student Action is calling for a peaceful protest because the film:

  • Approves same-sex relations, adultery, nudity, profanity and drug use. It is a blow to Catholic education, America’s Christian roots, the institution of the family and very foundations of morality and society.
  • Brokeback Mountain is the antithesis of authentic Catholic education. It scrambles human emotions and encourages students to tolerate sin. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops classified this pro-homosexual film as “morally offensive” – the lowest possible rating.

Click here to protest now. Your signature will make an impact.

Every movie is produced with a message and objective. It seems that the objective of Brokeback Mountain is to mock manhood and promote unnatural vice. Newsweek stated the movie “has the potential to change the national conversation and to challenge people’s ideas about the value and validity of same-sex relationships.”2

Join the protest

Please sign your instant e-protest to the president of Seton Hall University, Msgr. Robert Sheeran. Urge him to cancel the film. TFP Student Action is alerting its affiliate members on 716 college campuses to join the campaign. If you would ask your friends too, the impact of this effort will be much greater. Defend moral values in Catholic education!

Make a polite phone call. After you sign your respectful e-protest, give Msgr. Sheeran’s office a call. Be polite and firm. Ask him to have the movie cancelled.

Monsignor Robert Sheeran, S.T.D.
President, Seton Hall University

Call today: (973) 761-9691

Be a part of this campaign today! Here is what you can do!

1. Send a protest Msgr. Robert Sheeran, president of Seton Hall University, by clicking here.
2. Send this to all your friends.
3. Make a financial contribution to TFP Student Action, to aid its efforts in defense of Holy Mother Church.




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