So Much for the Democrats’ “Moderation”…Dean Calls for “Gay” Candidates

By Peter LaBarbera

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien,
As to be hated but needs to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

–Alexander Pope, Essay on Man, Epistle ii

howard-dean.jpgSo much for the newfound “moderation” of the Democratic Party. Party chief Howard Dean, fresh from an election season smackdown by “gay” activists for affirming that marriage is indeed between a man and a woman, is once again dutifully pushing their immoral agenda. As the Houston Chronicle and ABC News reported, Dean called for more homosexuals to run as Democratic candidates.

Dean told the crowd of homosexual activists: “We need a careful, narrow, targeted agenda to make it clear what the difference between the Democratic Party and Republican Party is before we go into the next election.”

TAKE ACTION – Let the Democratic Party know you feel about Howard Dean’s promotion of homosexual behavior. Click HERE for the Democratic National Committee’s contact page.

Also, call the White House at 202-456-1414 or click HERE to let President Bush know NOW that you oppose pro-homosexual “Hate Crimes,” ENDA (the Employment Nondiscrimination Act), and repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ban on open homosexuality in the armed forces — the three top items on the “gay” legislative agenda in the Democratic-led Congress.

And call your U.S. Congressman or Senators to oppose these bills at 202-224-3121.

Let’s think about the implications of Dean’s call for “gay” candidates, using the scholarship of Rob Gagnon, the nation’s premiere authority on the Bible and homosexuality. Gagnon correctly affirms that Biblically speaking, homosexuality is as egregious a sexual sin as incest, adultery and pornography. Perhaps if more people knew about just how dangerous homosexual acts are — cutting short the lives of hundreds of thousands of men from “same-sex sexual diseases” (now there’s a concept you won’t see taught in school health classes) — they might have renewed respect for the Bible’s counsel on this issue.

Or at least out of a sense of compassion, they would stop affirming others, especially youth, as inherently (and innately) “gay.” Click HERE for a wonderful ex-gay resource to pass on to a friend — a book by former homosexual DL Foster.

The activists at the “Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund,” a group that strives to elect as many open homosexual legislators as possible, boasted of their success in the last election. Can you imagine a corresponding group, say, the Swingers’ Election Campaign, devoted to electing men who have cheated on their wives? Or how about the Porn Users Victory Fund, mobilizing sex addicts as a force to be reckoned with on Capitol Hill? Of course you can’t, because the homosexual lobby alone has succeeded in recasting a changeable, dangerous and sinful behavior — which was once taboo — into an innocuous identity and a “civil right.”

I hope you haven’t fallen for their spin.

The “gay” phenomenon in our culture is a classic illustration of politics over principle — exploiting American liberty to promote sexual license. The “gay” movement — with ample help from the media and Hollywood — ingeniously marketed homosexuality like Procter & Gamble markets soap. Still, they are wrong. The polls showing Americans’ growing approval of homosexuality and “gay” relationships do not guide us in what’s right — just as the “pro-choicers'” amazing triumph in winning a legal “right” to abortion says nothing about the ethics of killing innocent and helpless unborn children.

Homosexuality is not some sort of “special sin” or condition that merits deference or celebration by society — even if most people cannot fathom how men and women fall into these aberrant attractions. Anyway, engulfing sins and addictions are always tough to understand. I can’t comprehend how a man becomes so addicted to pornography that he uses it at work and loses his job over it, or how a beautiful young woman thinks of herself as “fat” through the psychological horror of anorexia or bulimia. Does that make these behaviors, or similar errant human “lifestyle” choices, any less wrong or deserving of pity?

Nope. Until we’re ready to embrace adultery, and all sexual choices, as morally-neutral “orientations” — or until we start talking derisively about “incest-phobia” — we cannot make a special exception for homosexuality. Does this mean we go the way of the radical Muslims and advocate stoning or death for homosexuals? Of course not. Christians offer the hope of the Christ of Christmas, who has been changing sinners for centuries. We must extend to homosexuals the love, grace and forgiveness of Him who reached down to save us from our (many) sins. I confess that I am so involved in fighting the “gay” lobby that I have missed opportunities to reach out in Christian love to homosexual strugglers.

There is no room for arrogance in the Christian walk, but neither can we countenance worldly reasoning that seeks, at its core, to cop out of a rational reading of Scripture. Marketing savvy cannot redefine sin. And if you are not a Christian, then at least you can appreciate the folly of Democrat Party leaders like Dean reaching out to people of faith with bogus “religious” appeals when in fact their ideology only serves to undermine Christian tradition on core “culture of life” issues like abortion and homosexuality.

The Democratic Party has become, at its highest levels, the Party of Abortion and Homosexuality, and some “Big Tent” advocates in the Republican Party want to emulate this tragic course in the name of inclusion. In fact, a Republican strategist, Sean Duffy, led the recent failed ballot campaign in Colorado to create “domestic partner” benefits for homosexuals.

Everyday Democrats and Republicans who believe the Bible as the Word of God need to stop making excuses for why they are not holding their political leaders accountable for eviscerating clear moral teachings through public policy sellouts like Dean’s. How long can we go on singing “God Bless America” when America is embracing deadly sins as cherished “rights”?

Resources: “The Health Risks of Gay Sex” by Dr. John Diggs (Corporate Resources Council paper: dated but good information); click HERE for PDF or click this HTML link to scroll down and get the paper.

Robert Gagnon’s website: tremendous research on the Bible and homosexuality. “Gay” theologians and activists are afraid to debate Gagnon; you’ll know why when you visit his site.


The following is excerpted from Dean Calls For More Gays To Seek Office, published Nov 20, 2006, by the homosexual news source 365Gay:

Howard Dean says it isn’t enough for the Democratic Party to go after gay voters. The Democratic National Committee chair told an international LGBT conference in Houston on Saturday that the party must enlist gay candidates to run for office.

Dean, the keynote speaker at the International Gay & Lesbian Leadership Conference, an annual meeting of LGBT elected officials, said Democrats had worked hard at getting gays and other minorities to the table but that was no longer enough…

Much of the speech was devoted to gays to seek office, locally as well as nationally…

A record number of LGBT candidates ran for office this month according to the Gay and Lesbian Victory fund which helps finance gay campaigns. Almost all were Democrats. But apart from Rep. Barney Frank (D-M) and Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisc) who won re-election no other out gays were elected to Congress.

Nevertheless about 70 LGBT candidates won election at the state and local level.

Continue reading at NYS Stonewall Democrats…

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