A&E’s “Wedding Wars” and GLAAD’s War on Normalcy


If the homosexual activist group GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) is recommending a new show, it must be pretty bad for traditional values. So watch out for “Wedding Wars,” a new movie produced by A&E debuting tonight (Monday, Dec. 11, 9:00 PM EST, 8:00 Central) and which is the subject of the giddy online post, below, by GLAAD.

Just what America needs: more homosexual propaganda on TV. Yep, every day I’m reminded just how disenfranchised this poor, beleaguered “gay minority” is. Who are they kidding? The homosexual activist lobby has elite power — far disproportionate to their tiny numbers — and they aren’t afraid to use it.

If you have any doubts about how ludicrous it is to say that the “gay marriage” movement has ANYTHING in common with the noble civil rights struggle that ended state-sponsored segregation in this country, check out this link for the annual “Aspen Gay and Lesbian Ski Week” (note the appropriate theme of the Seven Deadly Sins). Talk about wealth, power, and privilege.

We can chuckle at the symbolism of actor John Stamos’ career path, from playing a caring father of twins in “Full House” to playing a homosexual party planner in “Wedding Wars.” But the downward evolution of the fight for “equality” in America — from Selma to Aspen, from ending horrible Jim Crow laws to shilling for counterfeit “marriage,” from stigmatizing racist bigotry to scoffing at Christian morality — is a sober reminder of the corruption of civil rights in this nation.

A&E need not have bothered with its condescending GLAAD “public service” announcement (actress Julianne Moore lecturing us about “freedom and equality”) running alongside the show. Looks like the whole “Wedding Wars” movie is designed to promote GLAAD’s perspective. Memo to GLAAD and A&E: homosexual practice will always be wrong, no matter how many millions of dollars worth of PC programming you throw at the public. “Gay marriage” is the ultimate rebellion against a God who lovingly created men and women for each other, united in marriage to raise children.

Which takes us to an aspect of the ongoing “gay” crusade that many Americans are only now beginning to understand. So often pro-family advocates are asked why we care so much about “what two people do in their bedroom,” “why can’t we just leave them alone?” etc., as if homosexuality is a private matter that just sort of exists without demanding attention. For some, of course, it is. But “Wedding Wars” shows us the flip side of the “gay” movement, which proudly DEMANDS approval at every opportunity, and feels the need to ridicule Judeo-Christian values in order to score points for the “gay” cause.

Makes sense: sinful lifestyles cannot be elevated to normal and even “Christian” status unless sin itself is redefined, and normalcy and Christianity are brought lower.

This seeming pathological drive for approval (tolerance is passe) is why proud homosexuality will remain the most divisive social issue this country has faced in a long time. The “gay” activists won’t leave us alone. They can’t. To achieve their revolutionary, egalitarian goal of treating homosexuality the same as heterosexuality in our culture, they and their increasingly radical straight allies are forced to discredit and destroy a lot of good, Bible-based tradition — and turn the hearts of America’s children against God’s created purpose for sexuality.

There are other sins like pornography, pre-marital sex and abortion that war against tradition, but none has the organizational, insider power that homosexuality now has, nor the massive chip on their shoulder that drives self-styled “queer” activists, compulsively, to sneer at normalcy and true religion.

Yes, “gay”-friendly Hollywood is laughing at us and our supposedly antiquated beliefs. But I have to believe that although confirmed liberals might watch and enjoy shows like “Wedding Wars,” the average American is put off by the overkill of “gay, gay, gay” in the popular culture. Please take a minute to remind yourself that God is right and GLAAD is wrong, then tell A&E what you think about their latest sellout to the homosexual lobby. — Peter LaBarbera

TAKE ACTION – Tell A&E that you do not appreciate
programming that promotes homosexuality.

GLAAD writes:

The A&E Network will premiere Wedding Wars on Monday, Dec. 11 at 9pm ET, a comedic take on the battle for marriage equality starring John Stamos (ER), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy) and James Brolin (The Reagans).

Stamos plays Shel, a gay party planner, who agrees to organize the nuptials for straight brother Ben (Dane) and Maggie (Bonnie Somerville), the governor of Maine’s (Brolin) daughter. After Shel finds out that Ben, a campaign manager for his future father-in-law, is behind the governor’s speech against marriage equality, he decides to go on strike for equal rights. Shel’s strike picks up steam and eventually spreads nationwide, showing the extent that gay and lesbian people make up the workforce of this country.

“A&E’s original movie Wedding Wars offers a fresh, entertaining take on marriage equality — and how people are growing to realize that banning their gay family members, friends and acquaintances from marrying is both unfair and hurtful to everyone,” says GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano. “This is the kind of storytelling that can invest more and more people in our lives and our families, and we’re thrilled that millions of A&E viewers will soon be able to see this movie and share it with their loved ones and friends.”

During the world premiere broadcast of Wedding Wars, A&E will air an award-winning GLAAD public service announcement starring Julianne Moore.

Produced by Storyline Entertainment in association with Sony Pictures Television,Wedding Wars is directed by Jim Fall (Trick, The Lizzie McGuire Movie) from a script by Stephen Mazur (Liar, Liar). Storyline Entertainment’s Craig Zadan and Neil Meron serve as executive producers.

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