San Diego LGBT Pride Internship: the Corruption of Children Continues

Ex-“gay” Christian activist James Hartline is drawing attention to a disconcerting announcement from San Diego LGBT Pride:

san-diego-pride-2007.gifSan Diego Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride has established a first-ever, paid internship position for a high school senior as part of its resolution to further involve LGBT youth into the long-term planning of Pride’s annual celebrations.

The position, which partly involves direct outreach into the youth community, sponsorship involvement and volunteer training, begins in January and runs until the end of August with the possibility of an extension…

“The voice of teenage youth is an integral part of the everyday planning process for our annual events,” said Ron deHarte, executive director of San Diego LGBT Pride. “The internship program is yet another growth step of the organization.”

We at Americans For Truth share Hartline’s concern and implore San Diego residents to speak out against the involvement of teenagers in planning and organizing an event which celebrates sexual perversion — especially given the track record of this particular “festival”:

In 2005, San Diego Gay Pride employed five registered sex offenders in voluntary and supervisory positions. One of those employees, Marty the Clown, a convicted pedophile, was hired to work in the San Diego Gay Pride Children’s Garden!

In 2006, San Diego Gay Pride continued its dangerous campaign against the young kids of San Diego by allowing children to march in its parade with porn-promoters, male prostitutes and nearly-nude male strippers.

No responsible adult who knows the reality of homosexual celebrations like “gay pride” parades would countenance placing teenagers or even younger children in that environment. And that’s just the point: many “gay” activists (and their straight liberal allies) are so committed to pushing for acceptance of homosexuality that they are not responsible enough to protect children. Parents, beware.

Some homosexuals would agree with Hartline, but many activists are so far removed from traditional morality and desensitized to the debauchery that surrounds “gay” celebrations that they’ve lost all perspective on how perverted the events are. One of the saddest spectacles I have observed over and over at “gay pride” parades are the young, impressionable children brought to view or even march in the parades as if they were being put on by Macy’s.

These are celebrations of homosexuality, for goodness sake! Isn’t it bad enough that adults are involved? In the name of “rights” and “equality,” a sin lobby corrupts children. — Peter LaBarbera

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