Spaulding Takes Down Violent ‘Sniper’ Comments Against LaBarbera from Her Blog

In our e-mail version of this story, I mistakenly reported that there were a “series of [pro-violence] posts” on Pam Spaulding’s, when I meant to say “comments.” I confess that I am still learning all the blogging lingo. There was only one controversial POST in question (which we saw) advocating violence; that post contained several violence-endorsing COMMENTS (by Barry Wick) in the overall thread. I apologize for the error — PL

Lesbian activist Pam Spaulding, creator of the “Pam’s House Blend” blog, sent me the following e-mail note at 11:36 CST stating that she did not know that the violence-justifying posts against me were on her blog. She has removed those posts, for which we are grateful. At Americans For Truth, we believe that although our disagreements with pro-homosexual activists are great, we can and should debate the issue of homosexuality with civility, and without resorting to name-calling. — Peter LaBarbera

Here is Spaulding’s note:


That string of comments referred to as threats in the CWA piece [“CWA: Pro-Family Leader’s Life Threatened on ‘Gay’ Website”] clearly violates the community standards of the blog, and they have been promptly deleted once I was alerted. Those participating in that subthread have been notified as well.

     I have never advocated for threatening physical harm to anyone, as I have been on the receiving end of the same treatment, along with having my home and phone information published. We may be on the opposite sides of the fence on most matters, but on this we can agree — our families (whether you regard mine as such or not) have a right to be safe.

     I will also place a post on the blog to that effect.

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